Thursday 7 April 2016

Seven (April 7, 2016)

Happy birthday
Venus and Squeak.

I know
Your birth hour is
Between 7 and 8 pm
My loves.

Which happened
On a Sunday
Seven years ago.

I couldn't resisted
This impulse
To kiss you
Happy birthday.

Wouldn't surprised me
If you think
I'm daft
At times.

With my behaviour
And actions.

Your very presence
In my life
Has had
Very profound effects
Upon me.

In a positive way.

For I can say
Without your love
And compassion
Would have killed

The holiday season
Of 2010-11.

The numerous times
That you have helped me
During my PTSD flashbacks
And severe anxiety attacks
By bring there.

So enjoy
This special day
My loves.

I promise
Will serve you
A very special treat
Of Salmon

It'll have to be
From a can
And not
A fresh fillet.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: First met, Venus and Squeak, with their 2 sisters and brother, when they were, a week old, nursing on their mother, Mercury (named after the leader singer, of Queen, Freddy Mercury) and her sister, Rosie. In the following 7 weeks, I could found, around the nursing Mercury and her kittens, sleeping my anxiety away, as the PTSD flashbacks were driving me, insane. They had become my island of sanity, in a torturous world of brutal abusive memories, of my childhood and later on.

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