Saturday 26 January 2019

Wordblind (February 5, 2011)

I don't understand
Why people say
My writing is powerful
To them.

All I see
Is a bunch of characters
Written in my writing.

Or typed
On a computer screen.

What is wrong with me
That I am blind
To this power
Of my written verse.

Or is it
Just another example
Of the damage done
From my childhood?

Just once
I would love
To see.

What others witness
In my own writing.

Therisa © 2019

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Reviving A Revolution (January 21, 2019)

On April 4, 2019
Marks the 51st anniversary
Of Dr Martin Luther King Jr

For many people
Dr King lead
The Civil Rights Movement
That gripped America
During the 1950s and 1960s.

Speaking of economic
And societal change
That branded him
A Communist radical.

By ruling
White male elites
Of his time.

Over the years
His words
Have become
Prophesied reality.

Of the slow
And painful crawl
To real change.

That has claimed
The lives
Of too many martyrs.

As taken up
By the current
Progressive Movement
Within the Democratic Party.

In the hallowed halls
Of Congress.

And yet
The climate change
He spoke of.

Still remains
A distance dream
For far too many people.

Of our nationality
And age.

A goal
Everyone must
And should strive for.

Where equal value
For equal work
Isn't a chanted slogan
But reality for all.

And justice
Isn't defined
By one's skin colour
Religion/political beliefs
Or gender/sexual orientation.

A reality
Many LGBTQ+ people
We live with
On a daily basis.

In finding
That small corner
Where Dr King’s vision
Is reality.

Therisa © 2019

Author’s note: Written for Poets United midweek motif: climate change.

Moving Beyond Bleak Street (January 21, 2019)

Across my soulscape
Bitter north wind blows
Freezing me
With dread.

Frozen crystal tears
Fall around me
Muffling my footsteps.

As I stumble
Over hidden cracks
No one notices.

Trying to understand
This judgment need
Condemning those
Who are different.

When did my blindness
Grow so pronounced.

In missing
This climate change
Before me.

Seeing it
For first time
Without blinkers on.

How distorted
Everything is.

Only matter of time
Before it lands
On my doorstep.

Given the shift
Of the political reality
The worlds I live in.

Therisa © 2019

Author's note: Written for Poets United midweek motif: climate change.

I know, many of the comments below, approach this poem, as being about climate change (physical impact of humanity's destructive nature on the world at large). It is about climate change, but a different definition, as I apply it to the social and political world, surrounding the transcommunity. Will admit that I'm so tired of having to explain everything to cisgender world.

Scatterbrain (January 17, 2019)

It's 2:28 am
Another night
Of broken sleep.

Chaotic negative thoughts
Running everywhere
No clear direction
Or any sign of ending.

Questioning everything
To breakdown
These negative thought
Reinforced loops
Holding me captive.

Running raggety
As signs of cold/flu
Mounting new offensive
Over my abused body.

Tissue boxes decimated
With alarming ease
By my bedside.

How many trees
Been sacrificed
For this.

Paper waste grows
Into plastic containers
And finite space
Is overflowing.

Each nasal explosion
Venus and Squeak hide
Into parts unknown.

And yet
Perfectly allowable
Sneezing cat germs
All over me.


Talk about
Double standard.

As I count
Number of days
Til winter’s end.

Therisa © 2019

Hypocrisy (January 13, 2019)

Ever stopped
And listen to yourself

Describing a person
As your ------- friend?

(Please use
Whatever marginalized group
Best fits.)

Tipping the scales
To exclusion
And hate.

You deny this.

Only value
Political checkmark
On invisible list
Showing “liberal” creds.

No interaction.

Never looking
Beyond the surface
Seeing who's standing
Before you.

Lost opportunity
In building bridges
Across rivers of ignorance
And lakes of hate.

Restoring equilibrium
Out of chaos
That’s modern life.

Therisa © 2019

Friday 11 January 2019

Tiny Steps Forward (January 10, 2019)

So easily
Our tears are ignored.

As if
We don't matter
To those politicians
In power.

When we struggle
For acceptance and tolerance
Across the rainbow of life.

A courageous solitary mother
Stands alone.

Holds her sign
With proud dignity
Supporting her transdaughter
As she marches
In Toronto's Pride Parade.

Beacon of love and light
The hate and darkness
Too many of us
Have experienced.

So much
Has changed
In the past 12+ years.

For people
Like her transdaughter
And myself.

And yet
We’ve barely scratched the surface
Embracing equality for everyone.

In fighting
A transphobic/homophobic
Government of Ontario
That listens to
A regressive minority.

Who believe
Teaching students
In Sex-Ed
About gender identity
And various sexualities
Is corrupting Ontario’s children.

Never realizing
The destructive power
This ignorance has.

As we struggle
With chronic depression
Anxiety disorders
And suicidal thoughts.

One suicide
Is one
Too many.

Of the reason
Or cause.

Realize this
More than a third
Of all transgender children
Will/have attempt suicide
Before the age of 20.

I know this
For I was
One of those children.

To do nothing
Means covering our hands
In the blood of innocence.

Therisa © 2019

Author's note: The exact numbers for transgender children and adults, are at best, a
guesstimation, as there is no definite number for the population percentage that identity, as
being transgender.

As some regions of Canada don't differentiate between the cisgender and transgender,
when it comes to suicide, suicide attempt, and suicidal thoughts. There is no hard
number for Canada. Although, various regions and provinces have individual numbers.

Being transgender, the odds are even higher that you'll experience this, especially, if
you have been rejected, by your family and friends.

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