Friday, 11 January 2019

Tiny Steps Forward (January 10, 2019)

So easily
Our tears are ignored.

As if
We don't matter
To those politicians
In power.

When we struggle
For acceptance and tolerance
Across the rainbow of life.

A courageous solitary mother
Stands alone.

Holds her sign
With proud dignity
Supporting her transdaughter
As she marches
In Toronto's Pride Parade.

Beacon of love and light
The hate and darkness
Too many of us
Have experienced.

So much
Has changed
In the past 12+ years.

For people
Like her transdaughter
And myself.

And yet
We’ve barely scratched the surface
Embracing equality for everyone.

In fighting
A transphobic/homophobic
Government of Ontario
That listens to
A regressive minority.

Who believe
Teaching students
In Sex-Ed
About gender identity
And various sexualities
Is corrupting Ontario’s children.

Never realizing
The destructive power
This ignorance has.

As we struggle
With chronic depression
Anxiety disorders
And suicidal thoughts.

One suicide
Is one
Too many.

Of the reason
Or cause.

Realize this
More than a third
Of all transgender children
Will/have attempt suicide
Before the age of 20.

I know this
For I was
One of those children.

To do nothing
Means covering our hands
In the blood of innocence.

Therisa © 2019

Author's note: The exact numbers for transgender children and adults, are at best, a
guesstimation, as there is no definite number for the population percentage that identity, as
being transgender.

As some regions of Canada don't differentiate between the cisgender and transgender,
when it comes to suicide, suicide attempt, and suicidal thoughts. There is no hard
number for Canada. Although, various regions and provinces have individual numbers.

Being transgender, the odds are even higher that you'll experience this, especially, if
you have been rejected, by your family and friends.


Sherry Marr said...

Thanks for shedding light of the struggle to be acknowledged of this population, Therisa. I heard of a school on the Island where the trans students, too fearful of using the common restrooms, were given their own washrom, but it was kept LOCKED, so they had to go to the office and request a key to use it, so humiliating for those who are already feeling outside the mainstream. Why is society so unenlightened after so many millenia? I simply do not understand it. Thank you for your poem. It is ghastly what the government in Ontario is doing these days, our own Canadian trump. Abhorrent. Hang in there - you do good work with your poems in shedding light, raising awareness, putting a human face on the trans struggle.

annell4 said...

I can only say I am sorry. It doesn't seem possible, here we are in 2019, and yet the ghosts of the past ignogance rule. Ie hope one day, all children will be valued!! And cruelty will be dead.

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