Monday, 7 October 2019

Rise Up, Rise Up (October 7, 2019)

Do you know
Why I'm crying?

Tears slide down
Streaking my face
In frustration.

Where walking is
Act of defiance
Against prejudice.

Which you claim
My very presence
Is causing.

As your entitlement
Base on hate
And ignorance
Is stripped away.

One layer
At a time.

Laying bare
The emptiness
Of your actions/words
Towards others.

Who challenge
Your dogmatic faith
With love and compassion.

Freedom time 
Has come.

Therisa © 2019  

Author’s note: The following Toronto event, on September 28, 2019, inspired this poem:

Blue (October 6, 2019)

In my head
Joni Mitchell sings
Both Sides Now
As tears flow.

My soul
A distance place
Where memories are
Bittersweet smile
Upon my face.

Of those times
Struggling to find
Life's rich message
In my mind.

Does it matter
At all?

Gathers round
Threatening my illusions
With the sound
Of truth.

Body rocks
Back and forth
Seeking that rest
From life's test.

Time has come
Where I've emerged from.

Looking for
That final kiss
To life's bliss.

As Joni's voice
Fades away
In the background.

Therisa © 2019 

Endtimes (October 5, 2019)

Across the world
Darkness grows.

Where "truth" is
A weaponized opinion
As fact.

Earnest people speak
Like the Holy Gospel
In praising deceit.

Never mind
Constant correcting 
Or fact checking
By others.

The colour white
Is now - maroon
And vice-versa.

Creating a new lexicon
For speaking
And understanding
What truth is.

George Orwell's 1984
Seventy-one years ago.

As fact and fiction
Converge into one.

Therisa © 2019

Author’s note: It's ironic that President Donald Trump, would be the one who finally destroys the line between truth and fiction, with his claims of fake news, from his political opponents and national media sources, who disagree with his political philosophy.

Time Of Mourning (October 2, 2019)

It's equinox time
Crying jags renewed
With hurricanes
And tropical storms.

Descending on
Northern hemisphere
Full destructive fury
No mercy.

Daylight's banishment
Lamenting begins
Winter's arrival.

Fiery hued leaves
Funeral pyre
Falling like ashes
Covering the ground.

Autumn's palette
Of stormy gray skies
Exiles summer's blues tints
For dark ones.

Temperature drops
Near freezing
Hoarfrost covers everything
Crisp white jacket.

When walked on.

Cyclical nature
Of the world
We live in.

Therisa © 2019

Waking Up To History (October 1, 2019)

Been 22 years
Since Great Britain
Returned Hong Kong.

Streets burn
With anger
Demanding more.

Last century promises
Conveniently forgotten
On the self-interest altar.

Protesters fear
Another Tienanmen Square
Scorched earth crackdown
By Chinese authorities.

Long history 
Of suppression
To opposition.

Each move
A chess strategy
As castles and knights
Seek checkmate.

Where consequences
Are life and death
Written by the victorious
In history books.

Therisa © 2019  

Author’s note: Since I have written this poem, the situation in Hong Kong has gotten worse. I fear that Chinese tanks will be rolling down Hong Kong’s streets, before this crisis is over.

One Of Us (September 25, 2019)

September 11, 2019
"War On Terror"
Became an adult.

Eighteenth anniversary
Religious fanatics attacked
The United States.

To tar and feather
All Molsems
For extremists' actions.

Hatred gives fanatics
Undeserving victory
Over everyone.

Unanswered question
Fill my mind.

How "War On Terror"
Would react
If born human.

Are they filled
By anger/hate
Fueled xenophobia?

Lashing out
With blind rage 
Like President Trump?

Transforming negative energy
Into community healing
Through shared strengths.

Understanding - focal point
For personal growth
And dialogue.

If not eliminating 
Sectarian barriers.

Fueled by
Destructive nihilism
Bordering on suicidal.

Hedonistic drug
Masking soul's pain.

Societal pariah
Abandoned and isolated
Feared by everyone.

War On Terror
Isn't a person.

Flawed policy enacted
At a time of fear
And xenophobia.

Well meaning
Policy framers
Meant to be.

Whose repercussions
Still being felt
By innocent victims

It's the no fly list
Or society's lingering fears
On various religions.

Therisa © 2019

Author’s note: I started writing this poem, on September 11, 2019, as a way to express my feelings about the tragedy that occurred on this date. The deeper that I got, I realized, the entire “war on terror” was misplaced anger and ignorance towards the Molsem community, as a whole, which President Trump has made worse.

Do You Know? (September 22, 2019)

Tears flow
As Diana Ross' vocals
Touches my soul
With her musical questions.

Young child
Naively believing
All of life
Is explainable.

No obstacle

Left doubting
Decisions made.

Of scrapes bruises
And scars.

Chasing heartfelt need
Few understand
Personal sacrifices made.

Leaving behind
For true happiness.

Answering questions
Asked - so long ago
As a child.

Therisa © 2019  

Author's note: For more than 40 years, the Theme From Mahogany, has been an earwig that refused to leave me. Often, asking myself, these very same questions, without an answer. For the record, I have never seen the movie, Mahogany, but am curious about it. Knowing, its a vehicle to showcase Diana Ross.

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