Wednesday 13 September 2023

The Storm (September 13, 2023)


Gently the mist

Caresses my face

Wiping tears away

As I look up.


The skies will blacken 

Before clearing up

Like my soul. 

On the horizon 

Gathering storm clouds 

Block out the light. 


Ever deeper

Into myself.

As the wind howls

Transforming mist

To a soul destroying rain.

Carving channels

Visible to the naked eye

Across my soulscape.


In real time

The land disappear

Underneath me.


I struggle to tell 

Up from down 

In this surry.


Becomes meaningless

Beyond the next breath.

Until nothing

Only silence

As I laid awake

In my bed.


Had just endured

A night terror.

Author's note: About the 4th day of this, I realized that I had intertwine least 2 different poems. So last night, I deleted all, but the first 3 stanzas. The things that we do for art (like no sleep).

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Therisa, I am so glad you linked your poem. I love the comparison with outer weather with the interior weather of the soul. I love "The skies will blacken before clearing up like my soul." Lovely to read you.

Mary said...

Oh, you described well the intensity of those night terrors. Those storm clouds really do block out the night. But thankfully, after those skies blacken, they So true that the skies often blacken, they DO clear. Great to see you again, Therisa!!

Sumana Roy said...


Becomes meaningless

Beyond the next breath.".....This is such a hard space to be in! You've taken the theme to a new level.

So nice to read your lines again. Thank you for joining us.

Susan said...

If earth has a persona, it's feeling exactly what the person is feeling--and multiply by thousands. How much do we carry the earth's pain? How much does it carry ours? Such a powerful piece! Thanks for bringing it here.

Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

Oh Therisa and the the music...simply breath-taking and yes a nightmare of the soul... Stunning.

JadeLi said...

Therisa, it's funny how often internal and external match up, and it seems like a form of symbiosis. Good to read you again.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


Your poem was a very vivid account of what was luckily a night disturbance and not happening for's quite alarming when our happiness is impacted by the state of the weather, which we cannot control..

annell4 said...

A beautiful poem, so thoughtful!!

annell livingston

Margaret said...

Sinking, tumbling, the nightmare of inner storms mixing with real weather - that is a lot to endure. What is it that makes some people see the beauty of every moment (even the rough times) and some see only doom and despair?

Yvonne Osborne said...

I've never had night terrors but they sound dreadful. "Seeing the land disappear underneath me". I felt it!

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