Thursday, 26 May 2016

Janus, Would Be Proud (May 26, 2016)

They call

Instead of
Preaching love
As their religion

Pure hatred
From their frozen hearts
Like oil
From the ground.

So smugly
In their Sunday best
Upon the church pew.

For my soul's

Fake smiles
Upon their faces.

Like a poster
Wrapped around
The telephone pole.

The latest release
From a local indie

Hate to think
How they would
Treat me.

If I had reacted
In a disrespectful manner
To them.

They don't read
Their own religious text
In having forgotten
The golden rule.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Often wonder, how someone, who claims, to speak, in the Voice of God, can be filled, with such hatred, like many socially conservative Christians. Last time, I looked, the Christian bible wasn't filled with ignorance or pure hatred. Although, I must say, I'm not a Christian, nor pretend, to be one. Had too much religious hatred, forced down my throat, for being, a trans-lesbian.


  1. I have often wondered why it's so hard to put out the core and essential things in your religion... Every religion seems to have a mechanism to exclude that basically violates the very core of itself... it's like the dragon eating it's own tail

    1. Wish, I knew why, Bjorn, other than, its comes down to, fear of the unknown, and of strangers.

  2. The Golden Rule is often lacking in encounters with people of fundamentalist beliefs. Thankfully, there are many millions of people with loving and accepting hearts in this world. I love your simile of the poster wrapped around a telephone pole, to describe the fake smiles......

  3. I agree, no one has the right to impose their views upon others via religion as everyone is a unique individual in the society. At length shun their hatred with calm dignity. Powerfully expressed.

    Lots of love,

  4. You nail the hypocrisy involved very deftly here, my friend

    1. Thank you, Scott, for your very generous comment.

  5. Some people's interpretation of the scriptures they claim to live by can be troubling, infuriating, and straight up disgusting. They are really wonderful Christians out there, I've met more than a few... but like it happens with any other group, the belief system is also "followed" by nasty characters, by people who have forgotten what their savior actually preached.

    1. Or, are inflexible, in adapting to the changing world, around them. Magaly, I have met some very wonderful and supportive Christians, who see me, as a person, first, who needs help, in healing, and not, a soul, to be condemned, for being trans or a lesbian.

  6. The same is true in this country as in yours. I so often wonder if these haters realize that Jesus welcomes everyone, and he would not be ones drawing lines of divisiveness. He would be the one having a meal with those people the haters despise. His love is inclusive, not exclusive. I wonder how they missed that fact. They give the word 'evangelical' a bad name. And so true, it seems that these people have not really read their religious text.

  7. "Judge not lest you be judged" So many seem to forget such good advice but insist on vilifying the difference in people. My only advice is to walk away from the naysayers and live your own life for there are plenty of people that won't judge you.

    1. Robin, I have walked away, from a job and "friend", because, of this. And have cut off, all relationships, with my immediate family, for this and other reasons, which I written and posted here. So, yeah, I have made the sacrifices, to live my life, as I need to.

  8. Not sure what to say. Sad that there is such ignorance. Hope that we are all enlighted by love.

  9. Couldn't agree with you more! Jesus would be turning over in his grave – if he hadn't already risen from it, lol. I sometimes feel like saying to my kind and tolerant (non-Conservative) Christian friends, 'Careful, you'll be giving your religion a good name.'


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