Tuesday, 5 April 2016

To Reboot, Or Not To Reboot? (April 5, 2016)

A weary soul
Does bleed
Upon the screen
Before you.

In seeking
The need energy
To do
Life's little things.

But failing
To generate
A new idea
Or two.

As if
My mind is
In neutral gear.

The world
Moving by me
At warp speed.

And yet
So many thoughts
In my mind.

Crying out
For their release
From the mental prison
That entraps them.

A system reboot
Partial or otherwise
Unlock the prison gates
Freeing these prisoners
Of mine.

I knew
One way
Or another.

To silent
This bedlam
Within my mind.

And for all.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Last night, was a brutal night, sleep-wise, for me. As I struggled to find, that mental sweet spot, for my brain, to shut down, and rest. Stirring awake, at the slightest touch, from the little ones (Venus, Squeak and Star), upon my body. Right now, am struggling to function, in what passes, as a normal manner.

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