Monday, 18 April 2016

Nazi Redux: North Carolina Style (April 17, 2016)

Distant horizon
Gathering storm clouds
Are forming
With a violent intensity.

One American state
After another
React aggressively
To the growing
Trans menace.

Who threaten
Christian family values
By their very presence
In society.

Let us
Strip them
Of all legal
And human rights.

In the name
Of God
And His Son

To protect
Our children
From their moral corruption.

By banning them
From any position
That interacts
With any child.

At all times
These sub-humans
Must wear
Distinctive clothing
Warning us
Of their gene pollution.

You think
I'm exaggerating
With my lines of verse

How I wish
I was.

I am not.

As North Carolina legislators
Has passed
And enacted
Many of these
Restrictive laws.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: By writing and posting this, am prepared, to receive more than my share of hate, from those people, who think, I'm a lunatic and deserve to be locked up, in a mental institution. It won't be the first, nor last time, I have received hate, aimed at me, by ignorant bigots, who think, the world begins and ends, with their religious belief, making a mockery, of the core tenets of their religion.  

As a student of history, I see too many parallels, to the road that the Nazi's policy that demonized and dehumanized any group, they felt was, sub-human, by their standards. And yes, the LGBT+ community was, one of those groups, targeted, by the Nazi.

The following link explains, some of the blowback, the law has upon, the LGBT+ community, and the reaction to it, by businesses, entertainers and the US federal government:


  1. Actually it seems that North Carolina is getting so much backlash from different companies who have decreed they won't hold conventions there any more & some performers who have said they will not perform in North Carolina that I would not doubt that North Carolina would reconsider their position. And if GLBT people decide not to visit North Carolina, that would have an economic impact as well. If legislators are backward, businesses and individuals have to take action into their own hands.

  2. For what I have read, Mary, the state Governor and legislators have dugged their heels in, and won't budge, unless they're forced to legally. Even then, it's questionable, whether or not, they repeal these draconian laws.

    If there hadn't been this outcry, similar laws would have passed through the US Bible Belt. Making an intorentable situation, even worse, especially, for the trans-community.

  3. I am very concerned, as well, Therisa, at all of this bashing of various people, seems like in their perfect world there would only be right wing people left alive. Sigh. I agree with Mary, people need to vote with their wallets and their choices and hope this extreme pathology will be soundly defeated. I worry, however, that there is so much of it, it just might not.


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