Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Between The Line (April 6, 2016)

There are days
I find myself

Someone had told me
About the joys
That would mark
My second time
Through puberty.

The growing pains
My developing breasts
Would give me.

Never mind
The world's perception
Has changed
With each emerging stage
Of my development.

With mixed emotions.

I'm being treated
As a delicate flower
About to lose its petals
In a strong breeze.

And yet
There are times
Am grateful
For these days
By getting assistance
That would never happen
As a male.

Being exposed
To situations
Neither gender understand
For not having
Lived it
Like I have.

The gender divide
Of what it means
To be
A trans-citizen
In the World
Of cis-men and women.

In the barriers
And expectations
Each gender has
For itself
And the other gender.

In their nature.

As I move
Ever close
From one gender
To the other.

Therisa © 2016


  1. Therisa, this is a very thought-provoking poem, and makes me realize that you will now understand the pros and cons of each gender, having experienced both. Wow. You can teach us a lot about blurring the lines between the sexes till we can begin to meet each other simply as human beings. (wouldnt that be great?) Thanks for this informative glimpse of being a trans citizen. You are helping me learn.

    1. Sherry, you have the tools, within yourself, just have shown you, they location.

  2. This is very poignant, Therisa. You have given a unique meaning to citizenship really. It sounds as though, even as the world's perspective has changed, so has your own. There was a feature on our television last night about a transgender teen who (after support from many people) is being allowed to run for prom king here. You might find the feature interesting:

    1. To change, is to grow, and my transitioning is, a period of growth and change, as I walk, the journey of holistic healing. To do otherwise, is mentally and physically, commit suicide.

      Thank you, Mary, for sharing this link.

  3. Good write Therise. You will definitely have a more complete perspective on being human.

  4. I hadn't thought of inhabiting gender like this, so thank you! Your poem makes me see the sexism each gender traditionally experiences through a different lens. What if we just helped anyone who needed it despite the outward signs? It is the inward life of individuals that matters! Bravo for feeling secure enough to share these truths. I especially like:
    " ... the joys
    That would mark
    My second time
    Through puberty ..."

    1. A radical thought, Susan, I'm afraid, society isn't ready to grasp on to, yet. But, don't stop dreaming this dream, for it's worthy, to fight for, in a peaceful, non-violent way.

  5. "I'm being treated
    As a delicate flower
    About to lose its petals
    In a strong breeze."...tragic and poignant yet very strong reveals the attitude of a hurtful world of irresponsible citizens...but there is hope and so much power in it...


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