Monday, 4 April 2016

Play Ball (April 3, 2016)
The one day
Baseball fans
Across Canada
And the United States
Have circled
On their calendars.

As they await
The first pitch
With bated breathe
In marking
Another new season .

Their nightly dreams
Filled with visions
Of championship pendants
And ticker tape parades.

The last out
Of the previous
World Series.

Living out
Their favourite team's
Perfect season.

By moment.

Ignoring reality
Like it's
A bad hangover
They must endure
For the cause.

As reality's acid test
Consumes their dreams
Leaving behind
A bitter taste
Of defeat
Upon their taste buds.

And the sad refrain:

"Next year
Will be
Our year".

Once more
As the dream is
For another season.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: The 2016 Major League Baseball season, begin, on April 3, 2016, with three games: Pittsburgh v St Louis, Toronto v Tampa Bay, and Kansas City v New York Mets. Marking the start of the longest season, in professional sports, with 162 game marathon race, to the post-season, and glory.

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