Friday, 6 May 2016

Begging Forgiveness (May 5, 2016)

Mother Earth
Please forgive us
For our raping
And pillaging
Of Your gifts
To us.

We must face
Our punishment
For these crimes.

I ask You.

Please spare
Brother Wolf
Sister Caribou
And the other siblings
From this.

Only crime
Is their existence.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: After an unusual mild and dry winter, for western Canada, the forest fire season has started earlier, this year. The most graphic and destructive one, is the fire that's ravaging Fort McMurray, Alberta, forcing the evacuation of 84 000+ people, from this oil exploration city. The material wealth can be replaced, by various financial means, but the wild life, like the wolf and the caribou, who are struggling, with the intrusive oil sand exploration, may never return. For extinction, is forever.

I has asked, Sherry Blue Sky, if she would do, a collaboration, with the above poem, but she said, " would dilute its beauty and its power....", by doing this. For which, I am flattered and truly humbled, by her words. Thank you, Sherry.

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  1. It's true, Therisa.........I could not add a single word to this, it is wonderful as it is. This morning on the news, they are talking about the animals and it is heartbreaking. Bears are coming intow the town as they have no where else to go. I pray they wont be shot......thousands of dogs were left behind - people could hear them barking in the deserted subdivisions where the fires boarding kennel left a hundred animals when they evacuated..some people had to abandon their cars on the highway, leaving their dogs inside. I can hardly stand hearing about this, but people need to know...thankfully, rescue groups are mobilizing all over the province, and people are going there to rescue those they can. But there will be many horrifying and heartbreaking and ghastly deaths we wont ever hear about. I cant imagine the terror of an animal trapped inside a house or vehicle, no way to open the door and at least have thew chance of outrunning the flames. Horrible deaths. Your poem really hits my heart, as I am listening to these stories. One of your best, Therisa. Another story is, in the BC culling of wolves, shooting them from helicopters, 163 are dead, only 30 left alive, running for their lives. How can we bear it?


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