Saturday, 26 March 2016

When Life Is, Stranger Than Fiction (March 26, 2016)

Never thought
In my wildest imagination
The truth
I am reading
Could be happening

In this day
And age.

As if
We haven't left
Medieval times
With the "curing"
Of the LGBT+ community.

In the mistaken belief
Physical torture
And psychological denial
Will alter.

What genetics
And chance
Have produced.

How many children
And adults have taken
Their own lives.

From this quackery
As "medical treatment".

Old memories
Within the LGBT+ community
Of a time.

When transphobia
And homophobia
Were the norm
Within the medical community.

And not
The exception.

Like it is

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: The following links, are about conversion therapy, and how two different jurisdictions are dealing with it, on a practical term. One, actively taking steps, to make it illegal and stop its practice. And the other, to continue on, as if, nothing wrong has happened.

The second question, my mom asked me, after I came out, as a trans-lesbian, did I wanted to be cured. As if, being a trans-lesbian, was a horrible disease, like cancer that needed to be corrected, at cost, to me. While, adding, as a side comment, she couldn't help me, in the paying for such "cure". Never mind, she had just destroyed, any emotional base, I had with her.


  1. Ah, progress has been made in societal acceptance and understanding. A LOT in the last decade, I think. But, yes, we do have a long way to go as a society.

  2. Such poignancy in your lines...!

  3. More than a cure, understanding and acceptance like what Mary said, is very important ~

  4. gen. gap is sometimes painful...

  5. This does show your pain and anger. I really feel sorry that there cant just be acceptance for being human.

  6. Ignorance runs
    deep for the Rainbow
    of the human condition..
    wHere majority rules without
    compassion Love fails and most
    often it is
    that hates
    most iN terms
    of basic human
    empathy and compassion
    foR All.. yes.. a change is coming
    with younger generations educated
    with Nature
    of church
    and political
    spire halls of hate..:)
    Yes.. i'm sMiLing wITh
    hope and empirical
    sociological evidence
    that says this change is
    even coming in Muslim
    countries by the year 2050..
    Free rules iN REAL GOD OF NATURE
    KINGDOM NOW AS ALWAYS.. my friEnd..:)


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