Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A Crippled Soul (March 9, 2016)

A sad sigh
From her lips.

She looks over
The numerous responses
To her poem
About coming out.

Her eyes.

As if
She was seeing things
On the computer screen
Before her.

For years
Around her
Been expressing
Their support.

Despite this
She's left feeling
Weird and uncomfortable
With this outpouring.

Almost like
She's waiting
For the other shoe
To drop.

The abuse
To start
Once more.

Even though
That part of her life
Is years away.

She can
Still feel
Its destructive echo
Within her soul.

Just wanting
To be normal
Like everyone else.

In being free
From this harmful baggage
Of her past.

And not
This emotional cripple
Who's breaking down
In a public library
Like a little baby.

Therisa © 2016


  1. The sense of vulnerability in this is so familiar to me...really honorable to be honest with oneself...beautiful poem.

  2. This is very touching. I ask myself 'what is normal'? Do other people feel the way I do, ask the same questions, have the same doubts? I don't think anyone is normal. We are all weird in our own private ways and try to hide it.

  3. I can feel the raw emotion in your verse.
    Powerful write.

  4. We think it's long enough past but, as your poem expresses, the emotions are still there and so is the potential to be hurt again. I feel it is worth writing about anyway, just for ourselves. Is it harmful baggage? Maybe only if the goal if still to be seen as normal. But what if the goal is to be whole . . . ?

  5. I think breaking down is not necessarily the sign of an emotional cripple. Often, it is the sign of someone who feels deeply and is releasing pain.

  6. Oh I love Susan's question. We write to express the feelings in our hearts. Some will hear and respect honesty and courage, others can just move on........I feel the vulnerability, too, and am touched by your tears. After being poorly treated, kindness at first can hurt. I know, from my own journey. When my traumatized heart began to thaw, the pain was intense.....I worked through it to where they began to feel normal.....and then.....happy. Smiles. You are in the right place, right on time.

  7. Individual fates, hard to express and even harder to be understood. There is great courage there.

  8. We drag our past behind us on a chain knowing the hurt is still with us because we care.

  9. There is nothing wrong with 'breaking down' and acknowledging the moments behind us..and the ones to is human - natural, brave and far from weird

  10. I think it is a hard thing to be authentic sometimes. A real risk. But in the end, it is worth it. If a person cannot be authentic & be accepted for that, it is a sad thing. People who don't like someone as they are can just move on.....

  11. Indeed, all aspects of being human OUGHT to be seen as normal.

  12. Weird is when we are unable to compromise and come face to face with our own selves within.


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