Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The Climb (March 29, 2016)

We start life
At the base camp
In believing
Is possible.

Never realizing
How cruel
And unforgiving
Our ascent
Can be.

How fragile
Our foot
And handholds are.

One misstep
Or lost of grip
Can send us
Tumbling downwards.

Some people
Never recover.

As their grave sites
The valley below.

Like adrenaline junkies
Are pushed
To take
Even greater risks
For that rush.

Burning out
When their oxygen
Is exhausted.

For those lucky ones
Who pace themselves
In reaching
Their personal summit.

Are graced
With Nirvana's entrance
And inner peace.

Has eluded
Too many people.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Tomorrow is, the ninth anniversary of the posting of my first poem, on social media (MySpace). Have to admit, every time, I look at that poem, I cringe, and want to delete it from existence. But, everyone has to start somewhere. In the following nine years, I have experience many highs and lows, in my poetic outpouring, depending upon my battle with mental illness.
Have joking told, the group moderator of my Male to Female support group, she's to blame, for this onslaught of words that I place out, in the world. For she pushed me, for several months, to take up writing, as a release valve, for the stress, I was dealing with, at that particular moment, in my life.
For all, who have read one of my poems, I thank you, and hope, I haven't chased you, away from my words.



  1. Sometimes we never know what we are capable of doing until we climb and test ourselves ~ The best one is one that is self-paced, and reaching the personal summit, instead of racing to the top of the mountain to beat out everyone else ~

    Congrats on your personal journey too ~ More power to your writing ~

  2. Wow, Therisa, so true. We all DO start at the same base camp. I hope all are able to reach their summit, but it seems for some it is not possible, sadly!

  3. A lot of wisdom expressed here. I especially like the "adrenaline junkies" stanza.

  4. Thank you, Therisa, for sharing your poignant words with d'Verse! Often we are unaware of the difficulty of another's climb...

  5. Yes so many have perished attempting to summit mountains with cruel challenges. Perhaps they have died doing something they loved but what a way to go.

    Congratulations on your 9th year of publishing your writings, Therisa, and I hope you've found that it's been helpful through your transition.

  6. Thanks for sharing your poignant words with dVerse, Therisa. It's true that we often are unaware of how difficult someone's climb may be.

  7. A multitude of mountains and valleys for each and everyone of us. Lovely poem for the prompt.

  8. Our existence is fragile and sometimes the world is unforgiving. We have each other for warmth when hypothermia sets in.

  9. Always something for which we strive to achieve. The worse part of failing is giving up completely. A rather reflective observation here, Therisa. Well done. Walter


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