Tuesday, 29 March 2016

One Or Two Tubes? (March 28, 2016)


"In international news
An American woman
Is facing
Murder charges.

"After several guests
Have died
When they attended
A pumping party
At the suspect's home."

We're told
By society
Women must look
This way
In fashion magazines
And the runway.

An ideal
That's impossible
For most women
We're cis
Or transgender

In having
The perfect bubble butt
And breasts.

For whatever reasons
Lack of money
Or poor self-esteem
These women seek
A cure.

The Caitlin Jenner
Of the world.

Who placed
Their credit card
Upon the receptionist's desk
Able to buy
Any procedure
They want.

These women
Are desperate
Willing to poison
By injecting
Raw silicone
Onto their bodies.

In pumping up
Their vision of femininity
At these underground parties.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note:  I remember, seeing a documentary on silicone pumping, during the early 1990s, during the summer, when I was home, from my university studies. Sadly, I can't find it, although, I do know, it was broadcasted on the local PBS station, in Buffalo, New York. The first time, I was introduced to terms, like transsexual, transvestites and t-girls.  It focused on a group of transwomen, who worked the streets. Myself, I have never thought of injecting anything, into my body, whether or not, it's medically prescribed to me, by a nurse practitioner or doctor, given my extreme fear of needles, and blood.

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