Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Winkte* (April 18, 2017)

Both feet
Firmly anchored
In the gender divide
Expressing ourselves
Who we are.

To some
We're seen
As an abomination
Or worse.

To be destroyed
With extreme prejudice
No question asked.

Like the national 
Past time
Of (ice) hockey
Or lacrosse.

The very facts
Before them.

We're human

Only wanting
To live our lives
In peace
As women.

Therisa © 2017

Author's note: *Winkte (also spelled wíŋtke) is the contraction of an old Lakota word, Winyanktehca, meaning "wants to be like a woman." Winkte is a social category in Lakota culture, of male-bodied people who adopt the clothing, work, and mannerisms that Lakota culture usually considered feminine. (http;//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winkte)

Although my ethnic heritage is, of European descent, I find myself, identifying with Canada's First Nations, and their struggle to claim their culture and heritage, which has been brutally stripped away, over the past 500 + years. Especially, with the reemergence of "Two Spirit", within their culture and society, as a whole, as part of the healing process, in ending the genocide, waged against them, by the "Crown" and other agents, for the government and people of Canada.

As we walk, our journey of healing, together, as one people.  Brothers and sisters, learning to love ourselves, once more.


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I like the 'two spirited' concept.

Therisa's World said...

Isn't it ironic, the First Nations of the United States and Canada, were labelled by the European explorers and settlers, as savages. In reality, they were centuries ahead, with their acceptance of the LGBT+ community. Now, who are the real savages?

Marian said...

I did not know the word Winkte and am so glad to know it! Thank you, Therisa.
At my house there is all kinds of celebration of two-spirit as my kids are deeply involved with several manga/anime series with characters of quite fluid gender and sexuality. It's beautiful! <3

Magaly Guerrero said...

One day, all of us will leave the "wanting" out of the last stanza and just live. One day. Soon...

Therisa's World said...

Can't for that day, to happen, Magaly. Just hope, I'm alive, when it does occur.

Therisa's World said...

Your welcome, Marian. Japanese culture takes life, to a whole different level. Just hope that the content is age appropriate, for your children, knowing Japanese and North American culture don't share the same opinion, on various issues.

Jim said...

Winkte is a new word for me, it probably won't be in my working vocabulary. I can just barely imagine a situation of extreme prejudice like you describe. In our home I was the only male, Adi and Katrin and Amber were also girls as was Goldie, our goldfish.

Susie Clevenger said...

Live, just live... We shouldn't have to debate or justify who we are.

Therisa's World said...

Sadly, Jim, I have. Being forced to run for my life, twice, for not hiding, in the closet. Not to mention, the verbal attacks that wears one soul down, to the point, you seek, at any cost.

Therisa's World said...

Wish, life was that simple, Susie. For the trans-community is reliving the struggles of the Afro-American/Canadian, for civil rights, during most of the 20th century.

Thotpurge said...

Prejudice is the worst possible thing and people who suffer it go through hell...gender, colour, religion whatever the reason. We can all only wish for the day we learn acceptance as a species.

grapeling said...

a good word. and a sad time in which we live, really, most of the last two millennia. ~

Justin Lamb said...

This is a powerful poem. I like it very much.

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