Friday, 26 February 2016

My Purring Panther (February 26, 2016)

Star, as kitten, on my dirty laundry.

Not sure
Why our paths crossed
As they have
Over 4 years ago

Your very presence
Has offered me
A very rare gift
Of love and compassion.

From someone
Who has known
The toxic touch
Of being abused
And abandoned.

Of how
On your first night
You hid
Under the toilet cistern.

Out of your mind
With fear.

As I laid
A trial of kibble
From the bathroom
To the centre
Of my heart.

Did I know.

The healer
Would become
The one
Who is
Being healed.

As I watch you
Over the months
Grow and heal
Into your true self.

Greeting me
Every time
I enter
Our shared apartment.

With your deep purr
And a gentle kiss
For me.

Forever leaving
Your paw print
Upon my beating heart
As you snuggle
Against me.

Laying down
To rest
For the coming day.

As I give you
My daily thanks
For you're being
A part of my life.

Therisa © 2016

Author's notes: Am sorry, I don't have any decent photo, which shows Star, at her true self, as she is, extremely camera shy, whenever, I attempt to get a photo of her mature self, beyond the few of her, as a kitten.


  1. Oh I love the thought of the savior being saved... Isn't that the true blessing of love.

    1. Star is that and more, for me. Especially, during those nights, I need her, to calm me, during an anxiety filled dream.

      And thank you, Bjorn.

  2. the kibble to your heart and "The healer
    Would become
    The one
    Who is
    Being healed."

    Very tender poem indeed!

    1. Thank you, Margaret, for your generous words.

  3. This is so often how it is, when we rescue an animal......the healer becomes the one who is being healed. I love the trail of kibble right to the center of your heart. This poem goes straight to my heart....and thanks for your comment on mine. It made me cry too. Smiles.

  4. Your welcome, Sherry, your words mean a lot, on this topic.

  5. What a touching poem. Thank you for sharing your story.

  6. Those eyes! Pets are such a comfort to us!

  7. This poem brings tears to my eyes. What a gift.

    This portion is especially powerful for me:

    Did I know.

    The healer
    Would become
    The one
    Who is
    Being healed."


    Thank you so much for sharing Star with us and your story. Beautifully touching.

  8. Animals truly DO leave footprints on our hearts. Lovely!


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