Saturday, 30 January 2016

Highway Robbery (January 30, 2016)

As a diabetic
Am told
I need to eat healthy.

And yet
How does one

Do so
On a fixed limited budget?

With the daily depreciation
Of the Canadian dollar
(The loonie)
Against the greenback?

The extreme weather
That Mexico and California
Have experiencing
Of late.

In the past 2 month
My buying power
Has declined
By 40 %
For fresh fruits
And vegetables.

The prices of frozen
Fruits and veggies
Haven't changed

Unlike those
On Ontario Works
(Read welfare)
I have some cushion
To protect me.

I refuse
To buy canned fruits
And veggies.

Given their levels
Of sugar and salt.

The outrageous price
Of $3.95
For a bunch
Of celery.

Find myself
Refusing to pay
These outrageous prices
For fresh produces.

To go without
Until some sanity
Is restore
At the checkout counter.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Yesterday (January 29, 2016), at a local fresh fruit and vegetable market, I saw green peppers, selling for $7.70/kg ($3.50/lb). These prices aren't, from northern Canada, rather, from Toronto. Lets just say, I bought only four of them, to make soups and chili, over the next few weeks. I know, I won't be buying celery, any time soon, give the current price of $3.50 +.



  1. Your prices are VERY high. Our celery here in the states is about $1.25 (American) a bunch. About $2.99 for 3 green peppers. I don't like canned fruits or vegetables either!

  2. Sad part is, Mary, all produces that are grown outside of Canada, is priced, in American dollars, meaning addition cost of 38 to 40 cents, to the cost, of everything, I buy. Can't wait until summertime, when these produces can be growth here.


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