Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Abuse Survivor Reaction To Cologne New Years Eve Celebrations (January 4, 2016)

Protesters marching, against a series of sexual assaults, during Cologne's New Years Eve celebration. (

As I read this
Can feel
My anger rising
To the point.

I want to castrate those
Who organized
And executed
This outrage
With a rusty
And dull razor.

Donald Trump
I won't jump the gun
And blame this
On immigrants
And refugees.

To do so
Would be using
A sledge hammer
To kill a housefly.

I do know
What it feels like
To have survived

Never sexually abused
I endured decades
Of physical
And psychological abuse.

At the hands
Of family members
And those
Close to me.

To the point
I have developed
Chronic depression
Various anxiety disorders

As these dark memories
Of mine
Are threatening
To resurface
Once more.

Fighting against
The tears
Which threaten
To unleashed themselves
In a flood of bitterness.

If those
Who are responsible
Are refugees or immigrants
Than they deserved
To be deported.

To their country
Of origins.

No second chance
Or leniency
For their actions
By the German authorities.

Therisa © 2016

Author's notes: It was January 4th, when I first heard about this outrage, against several female celebrants of Cologne's New Years Eve party, marking the incoming year of 2016. I don't think, we will ever know, what caused these "men" to commit this series of crimes of power, against women. Ever way, these women are re-victimized, again, by the way, local authorities have handled this case, as if they invited these "men" to attack them. Nice going, guys, blaming the victim, for the violence committed against them. Morons!

The following is, the link that outlined, what on New Years Eve, December 31, 2015:

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