Saturday, 13 February 2016

It's Only -26 C, With The Wind Chill (February 11, 2016)

Failure to connect
To server.

Before my mind's eye.

As I try
To access
My Muse.

If today's
Extreme cold alert
By the city of Toronto
Is causing this.

My synapses
Are responding
To my requests.

This growing need
To curl up
In my warm
And comfortable bed.

Caring not
What the world thinks
Beyond this
Of keeping my body

Walking piles of clothing
Are identified
As humans.

From point A
To point B.

Leaving behind
A vapour contrail
Marking their passage
Like jets.

And myself
Am cuddled
With my cats.

More humane temperatures
Before venturing
Once more.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Right now, southern Ontario is under an Arctic deep freeze, as the wind chill is being clocked, at -30 C and colder.  Perfect timing, as Toronto, is hosting the year, NBA All-Star game. Bad enough, we, Canadians have to live this stereotype, as the land of the frigid North. Never mind, parts of the continental US are, as cold or colder than Toronto is, right now. I can't wait until Spring and the warmer temperatures that seen like a distant memory, from last year.


  1. Ah, where I live we are experiencing the same kind of weather. I don't blame you for cuddling with your cats. I cuddle with my dogs in this weather as well!

    1. The back of the cruel wind chill, was broken, yesterday, as snow has fallen, today, with temperatures, around freezing. I hope, Mary, your brutal winds have eased up, for you.


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