Saturday, 3 September 2016

Not, In God's Name (September 3, 2016)

My name is

For those
Who don't know

I am
A transsexual
(Male to female).

The physical deformity 
Being born
A female soul
Within a male body.

An abuse survivor
From family members
And bullies.

Who is
Seeking help
In healing
These mental wounds.

I know
How easily
It would be.

To surrender
To the pain.

Ending all
With my suicide.

As I refuse
To grant power
Towards those
Who say:

"Being punished
For my sinful ways
As a trans-lesbian."

Various verses
From the New
and Old Testament.

As if
These hateful words 
Could magically
Change me.

Haven't you realize
The hatred
You're spreading
As the "Gospel Truth"
To the world
Is morally wrong?

Guess not
As you're too busy
Running away
From your own 
Inner daemons.

To realize

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Earlier, this week, the Peel Board Of Education made a big splash, locally, when it announced all of its secondary school washrooms would become "all-gender", for the start of this school year, on Tuesday (September 5, 2016). For more on this, please click on the link:

Upon hearing this news report, a person, I know, made the comment, a derisive comment, about women, not being safe, in public washrooms. Never mind, many LGBT+ people have been violently assaulted, in public spaces, thus refuse to use them, as a way of protecting themselves, from harm. 

Personally, I don't know of any woman, who can make similar claims, regarding this. In fact, have been made to feel like, I'm inferior or a freak, when I had ask, at a certain coffee shop, for the entry code, to their female washroom, in Toronto's Gay Village. Which, was reluctantly given to me, by one, of its employees. A place, I refuse to go to, again, with my patronage.

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