Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Dancing Along The Edge (June 10, 2012)

Past 90 minutes
An inner debate rages
Throughout my mind
Taking me
from my sleep.

Not sure
Why my subconscious
Has brought this
To the foreground.

Don't understand
This conflicting argument.

How society accepts
Without blinking an eye
Validity of cosmetic surgery
For vanity reasons.

It decrying SRS
As "mutilating"
My body.

Big enough
Bank account
With right plastic surgeon
I can emerge.
A totally different person
From the original consultation.

Think of it
Sitting in
A very expensive restaurant
Ordering off it's menu.

Instead of
Food served
Procedures provided.

Oh look
For two grand
My backside
Can look like J.Lo's.

Another grand
For Katherine Hepburn's
High cheekbone.

Twenty more grand
For "D" cup breast.

Five grand combo deal
Liposuction and tummy tuck.

In Ontario
My gender can be change
If the surgeon signs
The right form
From a simple nose job.

Heaven forbid
Should I like my body
But want the matching genital 
Of the gender
I am presenting to others.

Forced to undergo
Psychological evaluation
In an institution
Known for
Its' transphobic attitude
Before getting approval.


Lucky me. 

Therisa © 2012

Author's Note: Since, I wrote this poem, four years ago, a lot has changed, in Ontario, for those, who are seeking approval for SRS, and for the trans-community, at large. British Columbia and Ontario, are the only two province/territories, in Canada, that allow a trans-person to change their gender assignment on their birth certificate, without the need of any surgeries, of any kind. Just a doctor's note, explaining why the person would benefit from this, and a small payment, accompanied, with the properly filled out paperwork.

In March 2016, the province of Ontario announced, it was removing the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), as the sole gatekeeper, for approval of gender assignment surgeries, sharing the responsibilities, with local trained health care providers. In an attempt, to ease the growing 2+ year backlog of cases, at the CAMH gender clinic. Prompting an Ottawa man, to sue the provincial government over the lengthy waiting period, he was forced to endure, before going private and taking out a $7100 personal loan. for his top surgery. After the surgery, he received word, his application had been approved for the very surgery, he paid for. Due to wording of the health act, which covers SRS, he can't be refunded the cost of the surgery, hence, the law suit, and the change, in SRS approval.

Starting, in 2017, all driver licences issued, in Ontario, will be given the choice of selecting what gender, they want shown on it, either F (female), M (female) or X (none). As Ontario health cards issued this year, have no gender displayed on them. While, the federal government of Justin Trudeau, has announced that it's studying plans, on issuing a gender neutral passports, like Australia and New Zealand does, for it's trans-citizens. Replacing the draconian policy, the Harper administration implemented, in 2012, which requires all transpeople to carry a passport, in their birth gender, if they are pre-op. Only allowing a temporary passport, if they are having SRS, in the following two years, and must be accompanied, with a doctor's note, saying so, to be valid.

I do hope, Canada adopts a passport, similar to Australia and New Zealand. Failing that, moves in line, with Great Britian and the United States, which allows a pre-op trans-person, to have a passport, to be issued that identifies us, in our chosen gender, and not, the current policy.

Must admit, all of the prices for the various body modification, are totally made up, by me. I don't have the slightest clue, for the real cost, of these procedures. Except, they're not cheap.

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