Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Flight Of The Butterfly Soul (May 8, 2015)

Soft sigh
Escapes my lips.

As I struggle
To explain myself
About the butterfly
Who graces
My true inner soul.

Flying freely
In the late spring sky
On a warm May afternoon.

Your skeptical look
Upon hearing
My soul's story.

How I emerged
From my male cocoon
With her.

Upon my entire back.

Freeing me
From my inner darkness
With each stroke
Of her gossamer wings.

As I complete
My metaphoric journey
Into womanhood
And self-acceptance.

Therisa © 2015

Author notes: Written for a contest, on a writing site, that I, no longer use.


  1. I love the metaphor of butterfly, what a wonderful feeling it must be.

    1. Thank you, Bjorn. It's a feeling of great relief and anxiety, at times, being in places, I don't feel comfortable, yet.

  2. Therisa, I hope you won a prize with this one. You told your self well. This is a terribly bid step, I can feel for you some. Two ways, first is a not real close friend who is underway on the journey you are taking. "She" is wearing dresses where we go in public but I am not close enough to ask any questions. She is quiet on the matter.
    Secondly I myself 'tease' and wonder sometimes but am way too settled to explore. Two major symptoms, perhaps three, tease me a lot.
    I don't consider this poem dark or sad but I feel that is very personal, possibly hard to write.

    1. Thank you, Jim, but I finished the contest, with an honourable mention. Right now, am posting old poems that are more upbeat than, I'm feeling. As for your friend, just hi, and compliment her, on her courage and give her, your support. These two steps are huge, for anyone, who transitioning. Knowing that they aren't alone, and others are very supportive of them.

    2. Thank you, Therisa. I had felt that is what I should be doing and do quite often because I know her. But not like what I would with a close friend.

    3. Your welcome, Jim, and I hope your friend finds true happiness, in herself.

  3. What a very beautiful poem, and what a perfect metaphor.

  4. Coming of age or looking back on a long life, I sense the fragility yet strength of the soul in your poem..and a searching for purpose. Well done.

  5. that last verse is so very poignant! Wonderfully done !

  6. You capture the essence of freedom in the butterfly image.


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