Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Martyr (February 22, 2016)


I stand
Before you.

A silent witness
For the crimes
You have committed
Against me.

In the name
Of your God
And religion.

In knowing
I can
Or will say
Shall change
Your mind.

As you prepare
A pit area
For the execution
Of my sentence.

By stoning.

A stranger ask:

"What crime
I'm guilty
Of committing."

To which
I reply:

"Of loving
Another woman
Instead of
A man."

First stone
Hits me
Behind my ear
Drawing blood.

The riotous crowd
Cheer their approval
As my knees buckle
Under the malicious assault.

I won't show
Any sign of weakness
For these vultures
To prey upon.

Forcing them
To realize
How spiteful and hollow
They are.

By their action.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note:  For the record, I'm a trans-lesbian, who has been brutally rejected, by my own mom. And I don't ever expect her, to change her views, towards me, as her trans-daughter.

If you seek more information, how the various countries and regions, breakdown, on same sex relationships, please click on, the following lick: 


  1. Your imagery displays the pain you feel so vividly... a pain I'm so sorry that you've felt. May love prevail, always.

    1. Thank you, mrs mediocrity, for you kind and supportive words. Luckily, in Canada, same sex marriages are legal, unlike many other countries, in the world. Sadly, though, I have been chased, for being myself, in Toronto, where I live.

  2. A truly scary story.. I cannot really understand why people are so scared of things that deviate a little... actually there are very few who are average in every way... The most important thing is always Mathew 7:3

    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    1. Because we're different, from the mean of society that they fear, what they don't understand, through ignorance. Thank you, brudberg, for your kind support. I do appreciate it, very much. Maybe, one day, poems like this, won't have to be written, as a commentary of current event.

  3. My kids are always my loved children even when we disagree. I am sorry to hear what you have been through

    1. Thank you, Pleasant Street. I have learned to move on, without my mom's support and love. It's her lost, not mine.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Sanaa. I wish, there was no need for poems, like this. In that we can live together, as truly brother and sister, like Dr. King, Jr. spoke about, in his famous speech, "I Have A Dream."

  5. This is a poignant piece. I am so sorry for the suffering that has been inflicted on you. I can't help but think of Jesus, asking who will cast that first stone...and the thunderous sound those stones made when dropping straight to the ground from their hands...grace, always. Love, always. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Sadly, De, in many countries, just being open, about who you are, is enough, to be jailed, for life. Even, the United States hasn't fully embraced same sex marriages.

      As for myself, my poetry is, my weapon that I use to educate others, about the global flight of the LGBT+ community faces. Even though, I live, in a "safe" country (Canada), I have been forced several times, to run for my own safety.

      Thank you, De, for your kindness and gentle words.

  6. So personal & powerfully penned in small tight lines, gathering strength & meaning as one reads down. WA state is more liberal than most; same sex marriage & weed both legal; sending white light, love & hugs your way.

  7. Like others have said, this is such a powerful narrative, and tells a truly brutal tale that speaks volumes. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Wonderful narrative as we can feel the huge fear and disappointment you must have felt. How scary to not have the support of one's mother, to be driven away and publicly ostracized. I'm so glad you survived...love the

    1. oops...love the photo with knife and onions, tears.

  9. You describe the horror of this scene very well. "Crimes against humanity" are committed by humanity itself --- the metaphor of vulture is aptly used here. Rejection, under any means, emotional or physical, is a stone that hits so hard.
    You are strong ---- this woman is strong. You survive and live and love. That is the most important.

  10. Let the stones fall where they may, we all have to live our lives the way we are meant to.

  11. Horrible painful.
    The crime of loving...
    is a small crime.
    Stoning for loving is heinous.
    Stand your ground. Love. Always. if you can.

  12. Somewhere a Mocking
    Bird hears the pain
    of the outcast..
    Somewhere a
    human feels
    the cry of
    an outcast..
    Now the now
    is for the outcast
    oF free.. and those with
    stones of hate will fall
    will fall
    will fall
    to fear
    and hate..
    never fully
    feeling LOVE..
    While the outcast
    and Mocking bird sing
    a refrain
    THE only REAL
    triNiTy oF SACRED LOVE..:)


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