Thursday, 25 February 2016

Lazy Freeloader (February 25, 2016)

Son of bitch.

You sit there
All day long
Doing nothing.

Playing computer games.

I don't want
To hear
Your feeble excuses
For your slacking.

After a long day
Of hard labour.

Could've you
At least
Have washed
Those few dishes
From breakfast?

Is that
Too much
Of you?


Just shut your trap
And do it

She stormed out
Of the apartment.

I left her
With these words
Of advice.

Just have to
Pull yourself up
By your bootstraps
And get over it.

I don't care
If your shrink says

You're not depressed.


Attempting to
Get out
Of your responsibilities.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note:  A compilation of various situations, I have witnessed and/or experienced, on a first hand basis.



  1. This reminds me of something someone said to me when I was clinically depressed: "You wouldn't be depressed if you didn't want to be." Some people just don't understand. Peace, Linda

    1. So very true, Linda. I had the bootstraps comment tossed at me, by someone, in my apartment building, who has since been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Wonder, what they would say, if I threw back that comment at them.

      And yes, I do suffer from chronic depression, several anxiety disorders and PTSD.

  2. Really effective use of snippets of your experience and things you have witnessed to create a new composite. Great idea. Your site will only allow me to use my defunct Google account--sorry.

  3. Victoria, there's no need to apology for something, beyond your control. And thank you, for your very kind words, for this poem.

  4. For some reason there's a lot of resistance to the idea of people being depressed, or having anxiety disorders...others feel you just need to "snap out of it." I know better, there's no "snapping" out of it. Sad commentary on the lack of compassion that some have for others.

  5. I've heard many of those snippets, too. So sad when we can't feel compassion for others.

  6. I am so glad to see you here. And that sign - being blamed for having cancer. People who say to me, you know, you don't have to be depressed and you wouldn't be if you worked on it....grrrr. People just don't understand unless they live in your skin. good work with this.

  7. Whew. Powerful words here. Compassion is needed, always.

  8. This seems alarmingly familiar - good to get these kinds of thoughts on paper and organised into a poem.

  9. I think this is an all too common attitude... However having been a bit of a slacker once or twice I can understand that bit too.

  10. It is very sad, I think, when these are the kinds of snippets that live with a person. I am sure that those who said them never dreamed that you would remember them for years afterwards. Makes me realize the importance of watching the words one says, as they will be long remembered, and I wouldn't want my negative words to live on in someone else's mind. I like the way you worked these things into poetry, Therisa! Effectively penned.

  11. you've expressed these fellings well

  12. Your dialogue expresses the frustrations of depression -- Bootstraps have nothing to do with it....nor can people "snap out of it..." When will we ever learn?

  13. It's so difficult. Depression is such a many faceted illness. So much of this poem resonates. For me, as I read it , it felt like the inner voice talking to self but I'm not sure that is a correct viewing of your poem. Thank you, for sharing's important to address the painful items of life as well.

    1. Hannah, there's no right or wrong way, to view this poem, as everyone has different life experiences. Just surprised, how many people have responded that they can relate to this. Guess, I shouldn't be, as 1/4 of the population, will experience some form of depression, during their lifetime.

  14. I am still amazed at how many people still view depression in this way. A world full of intelligent people that can't seem to comprehend diseases of the mind. I don't know the details of cancer, but I believe it exists.
    A powerful poem.

  15. That sign is very effective. As is your poem.........people spout things so glibly. Maybe their lives have been easier. Still, one wonders that they lack imagination to try to wonder what it feels like to be in someone else's situation. The way you used these snippets of conversation makes for a very effective poem. Makes one remember to watch what comes out of our mouths......words hurt.......


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