Saturday, 14 July 2018

Loose Cannon (June 12, 2018)

Duck and cover

The Great Defender
Is spouting off

Just like Old Faithful
In Yellowstone National Park.

He erupts
On Twitter and Fox News
With a predictable schedule
That one can set
Their clocks to.

Never mind
These rants and tirades
Are filled
With questionable truths
And outright lies.

Leaving everyone
Scratching their heads
Did they hear or read right

The Great Defender is living
In a world
That has left him behind
More than 50 years ago.

Where the United States was
A white heterosexual protestant Christian nation
At its zenith of global power
In almost all sectors.

In deep denial
By the end
Of his grandchildren’s lifetime
The U.S. will no longer be
A Caucasian led nation.

The United States is
The world economic engine
As other countries and regions
Embrace this leadership mantel.

Forcing us
To ponder this question:

What do we do
With the Great Defender
For the next two to six years?

Beyond removing
All access to Twitter
And Fox News.

The hardest critic
Will admit
This is torture
To an addict
Like the Great Defender.

And we all know
The United States
Doesn't practice torture
On people
In state custody.

Nudge nudge
Wink wink.


We'll have to hope
The victory isn't
A Pyrrhic one
When the fighting
Is finally over.

Therisa © 2018

Details, Smetails (June 25, 2018)

We are told
The Devil is found
Within the fine print
Of any agreement.

The fountain pen ink
Barely finished drying
On President Trump's latest
Executive order.

Before the jubilant cheering
Of the Zero Tolerance opposition
Has reached deafening levels
Only a whimper is heard

Magnifying scanners
And legalese translation software
Are ordered forward
To see what demonic twist
Trump’s advisors have developed
For the unwary readers.

No longer
Will federal agents
Deliberately separate families
As they're arrested
For illegal border crossing.

In his executive order
Has opened up
His version of Pandora's Box
With long term legal consequences.

What happens
When the 20 day limit expires
Of the Flores agreement?

Are the detained families
Once more
To be segregated
By U.S. federal law
Into separate detention centers?

While the battlefield switches
From the hearts and minds
Of the voting public
To the U.S. legal system
As the various courts
Hear each side’s arguments.

Will the conservative majority
On the U.S. Supreme Court
Side with the Trump administration
Extending the time limit beyond
The current 20 days
Of the Flores agreement?

Unlike the Nazis
And their paperwork efficiency
Where one can trace the journey
Of a Jewish detainee
With a single identifying number.

In the U.S. system
Each new agency or department
Assigns their own trace number
To the detainees.

Creating a logistical nightmare
For whoever is charged
With tracking down
And reuniting the families

A single misentered entry
Will multiple the damage
Already done to the families
By Trump’s zero tolerance policy.

Not to mention
What happens to
The 2300+ children
Already separated
From their parents?

The Trump administration has
No clear definitive answers
At this point of time.

As their administrative response
Has been reactionary
To the mounting migrant crisis.

Like someone has
Deliberately smudged
The fine print
On the executive order.

Therisa © 2018

The Charlatan U.S. (June 23, 2018)

m so very tired
Of boisterous bigots
Like Donald Trump
Who wrap themselves
In the moral cloak
Of self-righteousness.

As they spew forth
Their brand of hatred.

Whose very actions
Are death and chaos
To the vitality and health
Of a democratic society
They espouse.

Where people react
Out of unjustified concerns
Ignoring any fact or logic
Presented before them
In the debate.

And we call
This time period
The information age.

And yet
Many our decisions are made
Out of ignorance and fear
Towards the unknown.

As if
We're hundled
Around the cave’s fire
Like our stone age ancestors
Fearing the darkness
And unseen predictors.

At what point
Do we leave
This stone age mentality?

In moving beyond
The “us” versus “them
Type of mentality
That Trump promotes
To the voting public.

Where solutions are sought
And promoted
Their source of origin.

Instead of
This intrinsic need
To score points
By a political party
Or leader.

In taking
The lowest common denominator
By playing upon
Voters’ base fears
To win.

Therisa © 2018

Death Of Reason (June 25, 2018)

In November 2016
American voters set course
On a journey of change
By electing Donald J. Trump
As the 45th president.

Marking the end of one era
And the start of another
In American history.

Where the dreams
Begin and end
At the U.S. border
As the nightmare starts
For many others.

Xenophobia and bigotry
Spreading like twitchgrass
Sending its choking runner shoots
In all directions
Through the rich and fertile
American soil.

Praising ignorance
Latest level of intellectualism
To storm across the nation
In labelling mainstream media
Liberal “fake news”
By President Trump.

For a press
Just doing its job
On questioning
And raising concerns
About his administration.

As the world moves
Several steps backwards
Into the vile darkness of the 1930s
That heralded World War II.

Implementing border restrictions
Not seen since 1939
When the SS St Louis left
The port of Hamburg, Germany
With 700 Jewish passengers.

Seeking a safe refuge
From the growing deadly fury
Of right wing governments
And extreme nationalistic policies
That deliberately targetted
Religious and ethnic minorities
As societal scapegoats.

A voyage of the damned
No one wanted
Inside their borders
As the world rejected them.

It's historical echoes
Resonates globally
Of a declining white Christian
Heterosexual and cisgendered

Fighting to hold on
To this national myth
By a hardcore bigoted minority.

As stirring echoes
Of Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act
From President Trump's abrupt
Shotgun approach
To international trade

Viewing any bilateral trade
With the United States
As a zero sum game
Net benefiting the U.S.
At the bottom line.

A direct rejection
Past 70 years
Of U.S. trade policy
That encouraged
Global economies of scale
Between countries
For all economic goods.

Like the transfer
Of expensive labour intensive jobs
From developed countries
Of Canada and the United States
To the developing countries
Of Mexico and the Philippines.

Trump doesn't read history.

He would’ve known
There's no real winners
In tariff trade wars.

Only people
Who have lost their jobs
Perhaps permanently.

Therisa © 2018

Author's note: In the week or so, I have spent writing this, President Trump has shown his ignorance on a variety of topics. Especially, last Sunday, when he sent a series of tweets demanding the removals of all legal rights of due process for the Latin American immigrants, in U.S. custody. A direct violation of the guaranteed rights, under the United States constitution. In ordering speedy trails to adjudicate the charges of illegal entry into the United States, without legal representation.

The origins of due process is traced back to the Magna Carta. A 1215 peace treaty between the English King John, rebelling barons and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langdon, signed at Runnymede, a meadow between Windsor and Staines.

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