Friday, 15 July 2016

God Loves, Man Hates (July 15, 2016)

Each second
The circle grows
Like a viscous noose
Around my soul.

Every passing day
Am surprised
At my endless supply
Of tears.

Growing heavier
In volume.

Will this pain
Ever end?

At what started
As a small trickle
Has become
A raging river
Of blood and tears.

Covering everyone
Of one's ethnicity
Religious views
And gender.

Shall we
Be able to
Move beyond
Our hatred.

In embracing
Each other
As brothers 
And sisters.

Showing love
Isn't limited
Just to God

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Dedicated to, all victims of violence, wherever, you live. 

Yes, I am aware, that the title of this poem, is very similar, as the graphic novel, X-Men: God Loves, Man Hates, published by Marvel Comics. For many years, growing up, I found refuge, in the pages of X-Men comics, allowing me, a place to dream and hope for, a better future, from the violence plagued years of my childhood and into adulthood.


  1. I so resonate with your poem, Therisa, as I am amazed at how frequently my tears flow these days. The heart can hardly contain what is happening these days. I just heard Obama say we must stay true to our values, that the hatred does not compare with the goodwill of the many around the world. This type of event is a kind of "war" one cant fight or prepare for, occurring in random places. I heard a man in tears on the news say he couldnt understand why the world is so full of hatred. It is hard to understand, as the majority of people are peaceful and loving.

    1. Am beginning to question, where or not, humanity can ever live, in true peace, with each other. Am feeling, so beaten down, over the past 2 months, Sherry. Am losing whatever hope, I have, for humanity, as a whole. And yes, it's fueling my depression, to ever deeper levels, of despair and sadness.

    2. Hang in there, kiddo.....if enough of us shine light, we can brighten this darkness. But I know the feeling - it is just too much.

  2. I wonder how, when a single man so bent on hate can cause such damage... When will the bloodshed cease.. Maybe humans need to destroy before we build.. Maybe we like a Phoenix that needs to burn before its born. Or maybe we just have the think and use some reason,

  3. Therisa, I think this poem is one of your very best. Its words so well composed, its message so very clear, its thoughts such important ones in the light of what is happening in the world today. Yes, "a raging river of blood and tears" does flow nowadays. Sadly. Often unexpectedly. The world is not sane right now. I pray for peace & hope it is not in vain.

  4. Timely write considering the situation prevalent in the world.

  5. Therisa this is absolutely a beautiful heartfelt poem imploring the world to love...I have to hope we can move beyond the hate and tears and show more love but what will it take? Each act of hate seems to speak louder than our love.

    Showing love
    Isn't limited
    Just to God

    I love these are powerful words from your a mantra!


  6. Our hope is that yes we humans can become enlightened enough to love

    Much love...

  7. You have written a heartfelt contemplative poem that so many of us can relate to under current times.

  8. May your questions be your prayers, and the prayers of us all –– and may they be answered!


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