Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Listener (February 12, 2016)
Not sure
If this
Is a curse
Or a blessing.

You tell me
I have
A rare gift.

Of true healing.

As people
Of all genders
Come to me
Sharing their hopes
And fears.

Who do I
Have to turn
In my time
Of need?

I knew
As I struggle
With my own daemons.

Therisa © 2016
Author's note: It's funny, but looking back, over my life, whether, I'm male or female, people have come to me, in sharing their intimate selves, especially, with high school,  as the other girls felt a sense of comfortableness, in talking to me, one wouldn't associated with a "boy". Never realizing, my own personal daemons that I was struggling with, like wanting to ask them, out, but scared, of being rejected by them.

The first time, I was told, by another person, I have this gift, occurred, during my stay, at women homeless shelter, in June 2007. She was Vietnamese-Canadian, who had, in her past, been violently attacked, damaging her vocal cords. Despite this, she had an inner beauty that shone brilliantly, with her caring soul. She described me, as a soul, who's yin and yang was, in perfect balance, thus, allowing me, to see beyond the soul's surface, and to connect with others. My biggest regret is, I didn't stay, in contact with her, since leaving the shelter.

Since than, there have been numerous other times, I have told, about this gift, I have. The last time, occurring earlier, this week, in my apartment building. Not sure, why I have this gift, but I do. Is it, a legacy of being, an old soul? For I have been told, it's a very rare gift that few people have naturally.

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