Saturday, 7 September 2019

Reflections On The 80th Anniversary (September 7, 2019)

Second World War
Is ancient history.

For myself
It's personal.

Dad - 3 years old
Nazi Germany invaded Poland
(September 1, 1939.)

Living 5
Of next 6 years
The Nederlands - Nazi occupation.

Little is spoken
About those years
Or the Hunger Winter
(December 1944-March 1945).

Hunger Winter's death toll
Ranges from 18,000 (low)
To 22,000 (high)
Mostly older men.

Family members
Old enough to remember
Since died. 

Silent tears
Stream down my face.

Zeitgeist swings back
To fascist populism
Once again.

Xenophobia homophobia
And transphobia 
Positively viewed.

Preying on
Public's fears
And ignorance.

As a transwoman
Having tasted
Its destructive taint.

Shall we need
Another global war?

Before taming
These unleashed monsters
That troll society.

Only containing
Never eradicating
Humanity's darkest fears.

At the implicit costs
For our failure
To grow.

Therisa © 2019

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