Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Was It Real? (May 24, 2017)

When I stand
Before you.

Am I
A weed?

You need  
To pluck
And toss away.

As you run away
In search
Of that herbicidal spray can.

Your immaculate life
Into its artificial 
And lifeless form.

A delicate flower?

Like an erotic orchid
To be treasured
For my (inner
And outer) beauty.

Gracing your life
With love 
And happiness.

As only
Two souls 
As one
Can know.

Therisa © 2017


  1. Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder, a concept that your poem expresses poignantly.

  2. Good to question how others see us. Weed or flower. But in the end it's our own self-concept that truly matters.

  3. Those who bond know for sure--and as for what any others think? Where 2 or more can bond, safety can reign. Well said.

  4. This is so incredibly evocative..!

  5. Mankind loves many things but seldom themselves.

  6. Yes, all too often we see ourselves as weeds.....and you know what they say ... "what you see is what you get!" There's a lesson there somewhere. lol

  7. Good question. May we all receive the better answer!

  8. Yes, may we all be seen for the beauties we are. Loved this one, Therisa. Personally, I like blooms running wild and free.

  9. Perspective is such a strange thing, fed by experience and feelings... I suspect too many people see the same person as both flower and weed (depending on what the seer values). I've, for instance, have never cared for the way people define weeds--my favorite flowers (daisies and passifloras) are labeled weeds. So, I guess I love weeds... because I've gotten to know them.


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