Friday, 17 June 2016

Not Begging. Just Explaining (June 17, 2016)

Why are people
So surprised
When they heard
About the transitioning costs
The trans-community faces.

The limited financial support
Only happens
Due to court challenges
After provinces tried
And failed
To delist SRS coverage,

Never mind
The long waiting lists
That grow
With each passing month
For us.

We find other means
To cover
Our basic surgeries.

As the provinces
And territorial governments
Rubbing their hands
In financial glee.

At the mere thought
Of removing us
From their welfare rolls

General welfare
Or disability support programs.)

For any money.

Generated by
Crowd sourcing
Or a gift.

It's counted
As income
We have available
To support ourselves.

Clawed back
From our monthly cheques.

The little fuckers.

Never mind
Being on disability
My monthly support cheque
Is half of the income level
Of the Canadian
Poverty line
For a single person.

And that's
With a special allowance
For being diabetic.

Which is
More than 10%
Of the base amount
I receive

Do you
Still think
It's a passing fad
For me?

The financial mountain
I have to climb
Without societal support
Or understanding.

Therisa © 2016

Author note: Many people may not realize, but, if a person, is receiving social assistance, in Canada, they're allowed, a limited amount (determined by their province/territory that they live in), in their bank accounts, before, this is clawed back, too, out of their support cheque. Under Ontario Disability Support Program, I'm allowed to have $6 000, before I am penalized. Never mind, the more money, I can save up, in a bank account, will raise my monthly rent and remove/or limit my rent subsidiary, I get. Never mind, most trans-Canadians live below the poverty line, in Canada, which no one speaks out on.

 A twisted sense of logic, if you ask me.

Below, is a link, that will explain the further hurdles that trans-Canadians face, as part of our transitioning expenses:

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  1. I hear you, Therisa. In BC the disability "allowance" is $800 a month - total - out of which a person is supposed to pay rent (most of that amount in most places), and bills and food. A single person not on disability gets $500. Not even remotely doable. I know someone on disability who got married and had to hand in the $600 she was given AS WEDDING GIFTS. It was counted as "income". How do they think anyone can save $6000 on that income? It is ludicrous.

    The medical costs of trans people is something one doesnt think of. It is good you opened this conversation. It raises awareness.


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