Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Finessing Zero Tolerance (February 6, 2019)

Soul filled with ignorance and hate
Lashing out at specific targets
Dismissed: boys being boys
Generating another cycle
Silently endured

Speaking out
Breaking the circle
Starting with children's parents
Breaking down the cultural differences
Filling children with knowledge and compassion.

Last line of defense against abusers
In dealing with young children
Age appropriate punishment response
Using outright expulsion
No one

Therisa © 2019

Author's note: As many people know, I have experienced bullying/abusive behaviour, for most of my life, as reflected in my poetry. This may shock some people, but I have trouble applying zero tolerance policy to children, who are strongly influenced by their parents' attitudes, (religious beliefs) and behaviour. I think that society has swing too far, in the other direction, in the punishing of these abusive kids. Who, in many cases, are the victims of abuse/bullying, themselves. How we judge and punish these children, must be flexible and fitting to the crime committed. One size fit all, only creates a harmful environment that these zero tolerance policies are trying to eliminate. Local board policy should act, as a guideline for state/provincial/territorial legislation, in handle these types of crime of power.

This experimental poetic form, I am thinking of calling it, "roller coaster". It breaks down, in the following stanzas:

1st stanza:  6 words/5 words/4 words/3 words/2 words/1 word
2nd stanza: 1 word/2 words/3 words/4 words/5 words/6 words
3rd stanza:  6 words/5 words/4 words/3 words/2 words/1 word

Three stanzas for a total of 63 words.

Written for Poets United's midweek motif, using the word prompt of: zero tolerance.


Toni Spencer said...

Sad but intolerance is so prevalent. Your poetic form is similar to a sestina.

Susan said...

I agree. "Boys will be boys" isn't adequately changed by a leap to zero tolerance. But bullying has to stop. sometimes I think humans are too violent to justify our existence---at least a few of us, but I'm not willing to kill.

Sherry Marr said...

An interesting form, seems intolerance has escalated beyond anything I have seen in my 72 years. It hurts me to my soul. Hard for children to grow up in the midst of this confusing mess.

Marja said...

I like how you spell out the fine nuances and I think every case should be treated with care and understanding. Having said that awareness should be created that it is not ok to bully even though the child has been bullied themselves. Awareness how the victim is affected and working toward bringing the two closer together and finding common grounds. Punishment will depend on the severity but is not always necessary. At least that's my 2 cents
I like "filling the children with knowledge and compassion" Very important :)

Sumana Roy said...

No one wins--this simple truth doesn't get into the heads of the egoistic people. So the trouble continues. Love this form, quite new to me.

Wyoming Diva/SS said...

I love the form (may have to try it) and the words. Thank you for sharing.

Sara McNulty said...

This form works well in getting your thoughts heard and thought about. Good one, Therisa

Dr. Anita Sabat said...

Totally agree with you.
It is disheartening to see kids being subjected to abuse.
Speaking up is essential.
Unfortunately, few weeks old infants also go through terrible experiences & they don't even know of any words to express...

Zero Tolerance For Misinformation - Anita

Magaly Guerrero said...

Absolutes are troubling. One can't address a problem that includes different people, with different lives, and different circumstances in the same exact way. When it comes to children things are even more complicated. Since 9 times out of 10, what a child does is only a reflection of his or her parent.

annell4 said...

Another beautiful write!! Let's teach our children, "love," instead of punishment. I love your poem and your form!

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