Monday, 3 July 2017

The Doll...Part 2 (January 22, 2011)

Two weeks
Since the last time
Stacey had dressed up.

Freely walking
Around the house
As herself
And not
The hated Stuart.

Promising herself
To be more careful
In tidying up
And putting away
Her clothes.

Before someone saw her
Specifically Jane.

Unbeknown to Stacey
Jane has installed
A small camera
Among her doll collection.

Hoping to catch Stuart
Touching them
Without permission.

Jane wasn't expecting
What she saw
On her monitor
When she got home
Tired from work.

She saw her baby brother
Dressed completely
As a young girl
Wearing a light blue
Polka dotted calico dress
With navy blue leotards
And black patent
Mary Jane's shoes.

The face was completely free
Of any make-up
Except for
The black nail polish
On her fingernails.

Her long glossy dark brown hair
Was divided into pigtails
Two golden hoop earrings
Hung from each ear.

“Holy shit”
Escaped her mouth
Before she realized it.

No one heard her.

Playing back several times
The image of Stacey
Longing to hold
One of Jane’s dolls
In her arms.

Her hands straying
Just inches away
From totally disobeying
Jane’s command.

“What am I
Going to do with him
And his desire
For my dolls”.

Jane thought to herself
Not knowing
Where he got his outfit from
Except it was not
From her’s
Or mom’s closet.

Should I tell mom
About his cross-dressing
Hoping to put an end
To his desire to hold
One of her dolls.

Or keep quiet
And see
Where this leads to
Before she blows the whistle
On him?

Therisa © 2011

Author's note: The second installment of a poem, taken from my poetic vault.

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