Wednesday, 8 March 2017

By Existing (March 8, 2017)

More than 51 %
Of humanity
Is female.

And yet
We're treated
Like we're chattel.

To be bought
And discarded
At a whim.

On Wednesday
March 8th
We celebrate
This year's
International Woman's Day.

As a trans-woman
We're a minority
Of a minority
Within a majority.

By some women
As a gender traitor.

Can we help it
If we're born
With a genetic defect
Between our legs.

That society see
Being normal
For a male.

We are not.

Our mere existence
Is challenging
How society views
What it means
To be female.

Won't lie
There are days
It seems to be
A never ending battle
Exhausting the soul
To its core.

Despite this
More and more
Of us
Are emerging.

Of Putin's and Trump's 
Draconian actions
Against us.

Showing true love
And compassion
Towards others
Were hate reigns.

Therisa © 2017

Author's note: You think, that this year theme, for International Woman Day, I would have an easy time, writing this poem, but struggled to find the right words, to express myself. As if, I was muzzled, by Putin and Trump, for being a trans-woman, who dares to speak out against the injustices committed, against my community, by these misogynistic dinosaurs, whose days are numbered, like the Pony Express.


  1. Yes! So beautifully phrased. Keep on becoming and adding to our cause.

    1. Thank you, Susan, must admit this poem is still, a work in progress, much like our fight for human rights, for the trans-community.

  2. Therisa, ESPECIALLY when Draconians like them try to oppress us, our voices need to be heard. Bravo for your strong write. I recognize how much harder a struggle it is for your community, as you say a minority within a minority......I love that you bring compassion where there is hate. Way to be!

    1. Thank you, Sherry, the hardest part of our battle for acceptance, is from those, who say, they support us, as long as their children aren't trans. Talk about speaking with a forked tongue.

  3. "Misogynistic dinosaurs whose days are numbered like the Pony Express". Passionately and beautifully phrased.

    1. Thank you, Bev, wish I had a way to place my author's note, into the poem. Would have made a very strong stanza, possibly, at the end of this poem.

  4. Agree with Susan. Keep on becoming. Know that regardless of all the Trumps and Putins out there, there are others extending a loving heart to you.

    1. I know, Myrna, having blessed to have them, in my own life, helping me, in my own healing.

  5. I am glad you have voice that is listened to in this community Therisa.

    1. Am, but one voice among thousands, Robin, that crying out, against the injustices that we face, on a daily basis. Just their voice isn't heard by most members of the cis-world, like mine is.

  6. only who do the walking know how thorny the path is but a brave spirit like the narrator would definitely find "dreams turned to gold" (I had to borrow the words from MMT).

    1. Thank you, Sumana, for your very kind words.

  7. Well said. Thank you for continuing to speak up, and for choosing love and compassion. The way you have shared your experiences with us here has everything to do with the fact that I now speak up for the transgendered, not as a matter of abstract principle but with some glimmer of actual understanding.

    1. Your welcome and thank you, Rosemary, although, I write, as a form of therapy, for myself, in seeking to heal that what was damaged by others, with their ignorance and cruelty.

  8. Thank you for sharing feelings so close to you. Well done.

    1. Thank you, and your welcome, Susan, for your kind words.

  9. I thank you for sharing your feelings too.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

    1. Your welcome, Anna, as a trans-woman, our experiences are forgotten by most women, who we share any common barriers, to true equality with male.

  10. Oppression of any minority which is powerless to react and defend its rights is abominable. We need to keep at changing society so that it accepts all of its members, whose only wish is live peacefully and happily and contribute whatever they can to society.

    1. Sadly, Nicholas, society needs to act this way, to justify their existence, even when, that segment forms the majority. It's hardwired, in humanity's DNA.


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