Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Ripples, From Across The Pond (June 6, 2017)

A pinprick
Against my skin
A red teardrop
Into a vast ocean
Of sorrow.

Washing over me
Like a storm surged tide
Eroding the shorelines
Of my soulscape
With each wave.

Spiralling downwards
Into an endless maelstrom
Of darkness and sadness
That threatens
To overwhelm me
In its vortex.

In my fight
To break through 
This plastic surface
Of discarded bottles
And other things.

Entangling my limbs
In their ever growing web
Of entrapment
Like a finely spun
Net of hate.

My body
Washed ashore
Like a beached whale
Or dolphin.

Too tired 
To continue
In this fight
For life.

As my lifeforce
Bleeds out


To no avail.

Therisa © 2017

Author's note: When someone uses terror, as a weapon, we all lose a part of our soul, to these acts of hate. Never, to regain that lost innocence, where love and compassion live, within us. Empowering those, who will hate to fight against hate, as a weapon, like President Trump, proposes, with his travel bans, against select Moslem nations. Especially, after the latest attacks, in England. Totally ignoring the fact, most acts of terror, are committed by native-born citizens.


  1. "My body
    Washed ashore
    Like a beached whale
    Or dolphin."......perfectly expresses what's happening...sigh..

  2. Your lines hit home........we have lost our innocence, but I love seeing the tide of compassion that rises in response to these disturbing events.

    1. Thank you, Sherry, but I was honestly scared that I had pooched this poem, with using this week writing prompt of oceans, as a metaphor for the bigotry and violence against our fellow human being. Whether or not, I contribute to the growth of hope, like Susan writes, in her comments on this poem, I don't know. Still, even one death is one too many, and a mark of failure, for all of us, when it happens.

  3. Powerful words. Beautifully expressed!

  4. Philosophically deep and moving.

  5. "Like a finely spun
    Net of hate."

    So it is! Marvelously complete picture of a devastating reality. When you can write like this, you contribute to hope.

  6. Oh! The imagery in this verse is painful and tinged with our sad realities. As a personal anecdote, it's heartbreaking and as a narrative point of view, it's so melancholic.

  7. One really has to keep up the fight....never give up!

  8. Powerful first stanza, and an affecting piece overall.

  9. There's a wonderful tendency in humans- to face adversity and yet be able to turn face towards sunshine. So, ultimately the good soul urges you to move on...!! Wonderful piece...

  10. This is probably the best of you poems about your abuse in earlier years, a truly great write.

    1. Interesting enough, Robin, this poem isn't about me, rather the violence that rocked the United Kingdoms, over the past month. As a poetic metaphor, for it.

      Thank you, Robin, for your compliment on this poem, just wish, no one had to died, in these senseless acts of violence, against innocent victims, regardless, of their ethnicity or religious beliefs.

  11. Yes, powerful poem, and well-chosen video.

    1. Thank you, Rosemary. This video is, part of my teenage years, where Depeche Mode was, one of those groups, I listened to.


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