Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Doll...Part 4 (January 22, 2011)

What would you do
If you knew someone
And had secretly caught them
In female clothes?"

“Why do you ask

Her interest
Now peaked
By Jane’s question.

Wondering if
This had anything
To do with Stuart.

Which she had know
For years
About his need to express
His feminine side.

“One of the girls
At school
Has a brother
Who she has caught
Doing so.”

"And she does not know
How to tell her parents
So I wondering
If you could help me
And I would give her
Some advice”.

Hearing Jane describing
This dilemma
Her mom smiled
And shook her head.

If you mean Stuart
I have known
About this need
To express
Her feminine side.

"Two years ago
She shared this
With me”.

A stunned Jane
Stared at her mom
Not entirely sure
She heard right.

Mom knew about it
And didn't stop him.

“She requested
I call her Stacey
When she is wearing
Feminine clothing”.

To see how
Jane was handling this
Before she continued onwards
With Stacey’s future plans
For herself.

“You knew about him”
Jane squeaked
At her mom
As the information
Sunk into her conscience.

“Yes dear”
Again she smiled.

“Why was not I told
About this mom?”

A look of hurt
Spread across Jane’s face.

It wasn't my decision
To make.

It’s Stacey’s
And she wasn't ready
To share."

Jane said.

“Would Stacey mind
If I let her know
I know now

“Let’s go ask Stacey
And see.”

Therisa © 2011

Author's note: The fourth part of six, from a poem taken from my poetic morgue.

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