Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Standing Tall (February 14, 2017)

I stand 
Before you
Across the great divide.

In blood and tears
From your anger.

A symbol
Of tolerance
And hope.

That your verbal
And physical assaults
Couldn't silence
Or kill.

My chronic depression
Anxiety/panic attacks
And PTSD flashbacks
Are painful badges
I wear.

Like my heart
Upon the sleeve
Bearing witness
To all.

A silent symbol
Of non-violent resistance
To your ignorance
And oppression.

In the world
That growing darker
With each passing day.

Therisa © 2017

Author's note: My resistance to President Trump's world view.


  1. Oh my....I appreciate your Author's Note: I read the poem a second time and came away with an entirely different emotional reaction to the piece. Let us hope that there is light that shall shine. I do believe, one good thing from this new presidency, is a rebirth of activism. We must continue to speak out and say, This is Not Normal.

    1. Lillian, this session of SCOTUS, will be hearing the case of a Pa trans-student, who is challenging their school over access of a washroom, of their chosen gender, which will sent the tone for trans rights, in the US. Already, President Trump has removed some protections to LGBT+ community, upon taking office, from the DOJ.

      Myself, I have experienced trans-bashing, numerous times, since I started school, in 1975. On two occasions, I felt my life was, at risk, as I ran into public buildings, for my own safety. Sadly, I have experienced transphobia, from my own mom, who doesn't want to seen in public, with me. Part of the reason, I have broken all ties, with her. Nor, do I expect her, to change, in her attitude, towards me, given her advanced age of 78 years old, this April.

  2. Interesting way to oppose Trump. I thought it was some friend you were referring to in the poem.

    1. Given my agoraphobia, you won't find me, protesting in front of any US consulate, in Canada. So, the written word is my way of expressing myself, to the wider world.

  3. Powerful and emotional piece. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you, Acadia, although, I wish there wasn't a need for poems, like this, to be written, in protest.

  4. Keep writing. Keep fighting. It will change.

  5. I think we will see how powerless a powerful man can be to the heart of his people... the resistance is growing.


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