Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Doll...Part 3 (January 22, 2011)

A month had since
That fateful afternoon
And Jane still did not know
How to handle this situation
With Stuart.

If she went to mom
There would be trouble
For all of them
Should dad find out
About Stuart’s crossdressing.

The divorce
Was painful enough
Without additional pain
For all involved.

For several weeks
Stuart refused
Any contact with dad.

He was responsible
For the divorce.

Punishing himself
As a result.

No matter
What mom and dad
Tried to explain
To him.

Sighing to herself
As she grew
More frustrated
Over how to handle it.

Jane knew
She had to talk
With mom
Regarding this problem
Before dad found out.

When would it be
A good time and place
To do so.

Jane did not know
And was afraid
To ask.

Should she use
A hypothetical situation
Which she would describe
The dilemma facing her
Concerning Stuart.

Or just go full force
With her information
Letting the chips lay
They may lie.

Damn the consequences
To the family
In telling mom
About Stuart’s
Secret crossdressing.

Jane wrestled
With her conscience
Concerning her decision.

As she grew
More withdrawn
And moodier.

At everyone
Who disturbed her

Therisa © 2011

Author's note: The third part of six, from a poem taken from my poetic morgue.

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