Thursday, 15 June 2017

Winged Messenger of Doom (December 3, 2014)

Across the winter sky
Upon ebon wings
A Raven does fly
Towards me.

What bleak news
I don't know
But fear.

As if
A ghost has walked
Across my grave
Just a moment ago.

Sending shivers
Up and down
My entire body.

The approaching messenger
For only dire news
Travels this way.

As the doom bringer lands
Upon the arm
Of the Head Falconer.

A pale ghost
He does appear
When handling over
The message
From our enemy.

Which reads:

"You're dead
By nightfall
You surrender all".

A note crumbled
In haste.

As an arrow
Does pierces
My mortal breast.

Blood bubbling
At my mouth
My death rattle.

That damned bird
With my last breath
Before eternal darkness.

Therisa © 2014

Author's note: another poem from my poetic morgue

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