Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Beyond The Pale (October 26, 2016) Inbox x

How can you
Be objective
In judging me?

When you don't know
Who I am
Or the experience
I have lived.

And yet
You sit
In absolute judgement
Condemning me
On sight

Having never uttered
A single word
To you.

Tell me
Where is
Your impartiality?

To you
I am 
An offending piece
Of human flesh
That's condemned
To Hell.


For challenging
Your notion
On what gender
And sexuality

In defiling
What the "Holy Book" says
Is acceptable
For society.

Thing is
I don't believe
In this Book.

Or those
Who wrote it.

Sad part is
Your very actions
Goes against
The holy Book

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Its interesting, how it's those, who protested the loudest, are the ones, who are guilty of the crime, they claim others are committing against them.And for the record, I have experience this reaction, several times, from total strangers, re-inforcing my feelings, for not following one of the three major religions.


  1. This is too often true, the narrative voice is strong.I !ike the very last bit where the narrator exposes the immoral response.

    1. Thank you, Susan, for your kind words, on my presentation style. Hoping, this poem would come across, to the reader, as a first person narrative, without sounding like, I was wining. As for the last stanza, life happens, whether or not, we like it.

  2. It is a book of convenience, I find.

    1. Sadly, any Holy Book or moral philosophy can be used and abused, in similar ways.

  3. I so agree Some people are very judgemental which goes straight against what they believe in. Well said

    1. Thank you, Marja, for your generous words. Wish, I could say that my experiences are an isolated case, but I know better.

  4. Some really strong and poignant points in this - Beautiful!!

    1. Thank you, Sanaa, for kind and supportive words. Do hope life has been kind and good to you, over the past several months.

  5. I often 5hink the same, when I hear people who think themselves Christians, going against the basis of that religion, to love one another. Nice to see you posting, Therisa.

    1. Thank you, Sherry, for your support. This poem is beyond the Christian community and duplicity nature of some members. Rather, more to the duplicitous nature of strongly religious people, regardless, of what faith, they proclaim, to follow. How they are able to keep a close mind to anything that goes against their religious tenets

  6. Judgmental people are the bane of the earth! Truly people do not have the right to judge other people, but should just accept people at face value as who they are! I do happen to believe in the 'holy book,' and believe me - Jesus would be on your side, breaking bread with YOU!

    1. Mary, I wrote this poem, not as attacking Christianity, as some may view it, as such. Rather, as a way of saying that Judaism and Islam treat the LGBT+ community, in the same way. Not surprising that all three religion, claim to share a similar beginning, before splitting off, into their own paths.


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