Saturday, 16 July 2016

A Verbal Photograph Of My Past (July 16, 2016)

In darkness
I lay
Hiding away
From life.

My soul
A lacerated road map
Of mental scars
(In various stages
Of healing).

From the evil
Humanity can inflict
Upon each other.

A second thought.

When their fists
And feet
Couldn't break me

They turn
To psychological
And emotional attacks.

Whatever confidence
And esteem
I had.

To the point
I found myself
On the narrow ledge.

To jump.

Not once
But several times
Throughout my life.

Always stopping
Just a step or two
From taking
That final leap.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note:The past 2 months, have been emotionally brutal, to me, given the constant death toll, from the hatred inspired violence, around the world. Worsening, my semi-annual depression, I experience, around the Canada Day holiday (July 1), which is marked, with the deaths of many family members, and the death of the relationship, between my mom and I. Starting back, in 1977, with the death of my grandfather (my mom's dad), from a massive heart attack, as the result of being, Type II diabetic. There's more to this, but I don't feel comfortable, talking about it, right now.

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