Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Day of Blessing (July 14, 2016)

Like a bolt
Of lightening
Out of the blue.

It happened
To me.

Never expecting
To find support
Like I did

Given the darkness
I have been travelling
For the past month.

I accept this
As a blessing
From the Goddess

Gracing me
With light
At a dark moment.

Who I know
From the local library.

He thought
I was Intersex.

Instead of
A transsexual
(Male to Female),.

We do face
Many similar battles
In our struggles
For acceptance.

My gentle explaining
That Intersex used
To be known 
As Hematite 
Helped out.

As we parted
He shook my hand
And told me:

"Never let them
Stop you
In your dream".

As I thanked him
Before parting
Our ways.

A huge reversal
Of what normally
To a trans-person.

Am grateful for
Given the stressful day
It has been
For me.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: On July 13th, my apartment was sprayed for cockroaches, and I was forced to relocate the cats, for least 6 hours, in another part of my apartment building. Not to mention, all of the prep work that needed to done, to get my apartment ready, which could only happen, in the final hours, before the spraying was scheduled, to happened. Throughout all of this, the cats were real troopers, and helped to ease some of the stress, I was experiencing, from this departure of my normal routine.

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