Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Endless War (June 22, 2016)

On a daily basis
I face
This monster
That threatens
To consume me.

Like a psychic Vampyre
Draining my soul
Of energy and words.

A dry out husk

So easy
To surrender.

My bitter doom
And "Death".

As I drown
In the flash floods
Of tears
Cascading down
My face.

And yet
Within me.

A part
To roll over
And accept this.

Semi-annual cycling
Of light and dark
In my soul.

Its claws dug in
For every single cm2
An all out war
With my emotions
The battleground.

As the decades
Take their toll
Upon me.

I cling to
My inner light
And life
In this furious war.

One wrong move
Is death.

In the truest sense.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Right now, am struggling, to keep my head above the "emotional" waters, as my Summertime depression. is digging its claws, into me. One of my consequences, of my semi-annual depressions, is the sharp drop off, in my ability to write anything. Don't be surprise, if you see one or two poems, in a given month, as a result. And, a lack of visitations, by me, as my concentration levels, tank.


  1. I won't be surprised, and yet I trust in that inner core of Light that you know so well. Here's another poem I heard today that speaks to that depression:

    Thank you for your powerful poem, for having the words that speak to all facing a monster--small or big--and recurrent war.

  2. I understand and don't give in to the darkness. Wait it out. Mosk

  3. Now perhaps is the time to sit back and read and plan what can be done in the future. Scribble a few words down and play with them, think of what you want to say in the future. You don't have to use words when you comment on others but an emoticon will do!

  4. This is so sad.. so touching..

  5. Indeed there is that inner light that is always there despite the darkness. Do take care of yourself, Therisa, at this difficult time in your life.

  6. Hang in there, Therisa. I like what you write about your inner spirit refusing to accept doom. Keep on looking for the light. We are stronger than we know.


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