Wednesday, 15 June 2016

On The Wings Of A Butterfly (June 15, 2016)
So easy
To let
My negative emotions

Like the prevailing wind
A coal generation station's
Toxic emissions.

Polluting the land
With my hate
And anger

Destroying all
With my acidic touch.

As I struggle
Against the headwinds
Of hate.

That holds
The world
In its grasp

Within my soul
A gentle breeze stirs.

A butterfly flapping
Its wings.

Giving birth
To a new wind
Of change.

Filled with hope
And understanding.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: For the past 3 days, I have been struggling, to come to grips, with the Orlando Massacre, emotionally, and as, a LGBT+ person. Knowing, I could have been, another stat, to add to the growing tally of LGBT+ people, who have been killed, for being ourselves.

Not exactly sure, why I choose to the butterfly, as a symbol of change and hope, Other then, it's one of the symbols that the Trans-community has adopted, as its own, for growth and metaphorsis of one's true self.


  1. I love this poem, which gives us truth, along with hope and beauty........we need that wind of change. A beautiful, powerful poem.

  2. There is so much left to be answered. The weight of this is unbearable. But you captured it well in your words.

  3. Hopefully we will be able to look back and look on the past with amazement that mankind was so intolerant so many years ago.

  4. What an amazing comparison--hate and the toxicity of the chemical fuels! In your first stanza, I caught the double meaning of "let go"--of course, there is nothing easy about letting go vs. letting loose. Powerful.

  5. I can understand the anguish.
    Your words are beautiful; the winds of change will follow and those are going to stay and comfort us all.


  6. Yes, sometimes it is hard indeed to see the positive!

  7. Im glad you chose to rise on the hope of the butterfly. Selfish and hateful are those who can (with no remorse) gun a human, with so much promise, down.


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