Monday, 6 June 2016

Not Another Word (June 6, 2016)

Generation gap

1. a lack of communication between one generation and another, especially between young people and their parents, brought about by differences of tastes, values, outlook, etc.

You don't realize
How tired
I am.

Of hearing
People saying

Who have
Never experienced
Such hatred
Or violence
Against them.

Been more than
Two generations
Since Ms. Jorgesen's
Had her SRS.

And yet
We're still
Making excuses
For these bigots'
Transphobic behaviour.

At what point
Are these intellectual giants
Stopped given
A free pass
For their ignorance based

Another 60 years
Need to pass.

Any real change

As more dead
And injured bodies
Are tossed
To the curbside
By society.

Another generation
Of trans-people
In the process.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: This year, 64 years ago, that Christine Jorgensen had her SRS preformed, in Norway. Making international headlines, for doing so. And yet, there are no longitudinal studies, on trans-women health, like the W.H.O. did ,on menopausal women, with hormonal replacement therapy, in 2007. Stopping it earlier, due to higher than expected health risks (heart attacks and strokes) among the study cohort. Instead, the medical community is treating trans-women, on the basis, of what menopausal women are reporting, to their doctors.

Given recent studies that find most prescribed medication, isn't tested on women, during the clinical trail stage, women are suffering unexpected side-effects, from these meds.  Just so, the trans-women are being used, as Guinea pigs.

Never mind, no major medical school offers any courses, on trans-medicine. And only, a 2-4 hour seminar, for gay and lesbian health issues.


  1. I agree with the weariness of your sentiment. Never give up hope. Change is coming - though it feels like a turtle's pace, Mosk

  2. Yes, one grows weary at the slow pace of societal change. The good news is at least the conversation is out in the open now, which is progress of a sort, I suppose.

  3. Change is happening, but every now and then there is a backlash... and for those in the middle, change will not affect them, but the ones that come after... a turtle's pace indeed.

  4. The world is full of petty injustice, and you have highlighted one such example in a way we can all empathize with. As Mosk points out, change is sometimes too slow.

  5. Ignorance abounds. We are witnessing the extent of that in our current presidential race.

  6. Sadly I sat in a pew once and drank the kool-aid spilled through a self righteous funnel. I could never accept it. Sadly ignorance hasn't reached its expiration date.


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