Saturday, 4 June 2016

A Forged Past (June 4, 2016)

A sad sigh
Is gently released
Through clenched lips.

As my mind wanders
Down memory lane
With the numerous albums
Filled thousands of photos
Of me.

Thirty-five years
Of living
A horrendous lie.

My mom
Has taken
Of me.

Just like
My old cub handbook
And anything else
That reeks
Of this falsehood.

I want them
All burnt.

These objects
Only matter
To one person.

My mom.

To her
As witnessed
By her actions
And body language.

I have
Already died
On July 1, 2006.

Why keep
These fraudulent images
For many
She has stalked me.

With the camera
Like a tiger does
To its prey.

My countless requests
Not to.

And deep animosity
Having my photo
Being taken.

That she
Ever listened
To me.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: My mom and I have had numerous fights, over her taking my photo, without my permission, over the years. To the point, I have deliberately gone out of my way, to spoil any chance photo, she might take of me. Just one more case, of her, not respecting the boundaries, I set up, for myself, with her.


  1. Oh how awful that she stalks you with a camera. You have valid reasons to be upset by this. No one should have their photo taken against their will.

    1. My mom operates on a different logic system, than most people do, Mary. She about 8 large albums of me, to about 3, for my younger brother.


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