Monday, 2 May 2016

You Don't Say (May 2, 2016)

Don't understand
All this fuss
Is about.

As if
It's groundbreaking news
Trans-people are
Being denied
Access to medical service.

Come on
Get with the program

It's the 19th century
And not
The 21st century.

Where ignorance
And fear
Are the buzzwords
Of the day.

Of one's
Level of education
Or station
In life.

To think
They'll demand
The same equal rights
Like you and I have.

What's the world
Coming to?

Utter ruins.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Earlier, in April, I caught the tail end of a story, on CBC Radio1's morning national newscast, about a researcher's find, which he published, in a journal that the Trans-community is still facing discrimination, from British doctors, who used, a variety of excuses, ranging from religion, lack of time, outright ignorance, to transphobia. Not surprising, if the British medical school spend, as little time, as the North American ones do, which is, zero. And yes, these same problems are alive and well, in Canada, too. As I am sad, to admit, having faced my own share of transphobic medical personnel.

My doctor's office is, part of the satellite network of clinics, that belonging to one of Toronto's largest teaching hospital, as a result of this, am usually, the first trans-patient that they have seen, as part of their internship, as a family doctor. Thus, have to educate the interns, what it means, to be trans. And, the various problems, we face, as a community.

Must admit, it has taken me, until now, to find the right approach, in writing this poem and the tone, that I wanted to did it. Know, this tone of mine, will piss off some people, but really, I don't care. As I am so sick of hearing, people saying, it's a "generational gap". Freaking bull shit. It's ignorance and fear, pure and simple.

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  1. I think you have accessed exactly the right tone of frustration, and no one is more qualified than you to state the facts. On the news the recent "discussion" around the use of washrooms by transgender people underlines that we are still a highly unenlightened and unevolved society. I keep quoting the bumper sticker I saw once that says it all. To the human race as a whole: "Evolve, Dammit!" We are so terribly slow to open our minds and hearts. You are right - it is fear and ignorance. There is much to learn and absolutely nothing to fear. Good topic.


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