Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Swimming, In A Sea Of Red Tape (May 25, 2016)

I didn't ask
For the various labels
That hang around my neck
Like a hangman's noose.

Without knowing
They're around

Have gather them
Over the years
From other people.

At the tender age
Of four.

With the medical
And growing
From there.

In seeing me
As a problem
That needs
A solution.

Instead of
A person
Who needs

To play
By a myriad
Of Byzantine
Bureaucratic rules
That dehumanize
All applicants.

To pry open
The locked doors.

Vital decisions are
Being made
Without my presence.

Only to find
The reports are

Am forced
To become
What I hate.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: My collection of labels, started, in November 1974, with my survival of a severe electrical burn, to both sides of my mouth. And from there, have grown, with the start of school, the following year, with kindergarten. Having experienced multiple years, throughout my academic career, in special educational classes, for speech therapy, gifted student program and last for, various learning disabilities. Am only aware of some of these decisions, because my dad broke protocol, with a backroom committee, and in showing me, their reports.

As an university student, I had to identify myself, to my various professors, as having various learning disabilities, before the start of each new course, or lecturer. A royal pain, in the butt, having to do so. Even on, on the job site, I have to do so, to prevent them, from discriminating against me, because, of this.

Quite frankly, I rather not, have to disclose such personal information, about myself, that people can use, against me. I don't like using labels, but the rules of society forces them, upon people, like myself, regardless, of our personal feelings, towards them.

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