Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Just Watch Me (May 17, 2016)

A charismatic soul
Who charmed the women
Young and old
Throughout his life.

(Some called him
A lady's man.)

Canada's answer
To Beatlemania
During his years
In politics.

An independent spirit
Who never took no
As the final answer
When he believed
He was right.

What it means
To lead.

Times of crisis.

In Canada
And around
The world.

More escapes
Than Houdini
With his political life.

In repatriating
Canada's constitution
(In 1982)
From Great Britain
Without Quebec's

His famous (1984) walk
His retirement
From public life.

He kept private
Until his death
In September 2000.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: The title of this poem, is the answer, that he gave, when asked, how far was he willing to go, in response, to the FLQ Crisis, in 1970. For more details, on this, please click on the following link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_Crisis


  1. Oh I love to learn things I didn't know before... you sent me into a story I had never heard (or if I did I had forgotten), just means that from Sweden Canada is still far away...

    1. Thank you, Bjorn. Was aware, no one would get, what I was trying to express, to the reader. And yes, it was hard, not to mention his name, given his impact for more than 20 years, on Canada.

  2. I did not know this story either. I'm glad you shared it and that you gave a means to know more about him, and the situation.

    I like the brevity here..

    1. Wouldn't be surprised, Pleasant Street, given how long, he has been out of the public spotlight. And yes, Canada isn't normally on US or foreign newscast, unless something major or tragic happens, like the Ft. McMurray wildfires, in northern Alberta.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, De. Wasn't easy, keeping his name out of the poem, given the news that his son, is making, today, in Canada.

  4. They play that quote as a tease to the AM 740 radio program out of Toronto. It makes this reference more prescient to me. A great choice and depiction, Theresa!

    1. Thank you, Walt. Personally, am way too young, to be listening to AM 740. Even Q107 is, too old, for me, and they play classic rock. Nope, not ready for that, just yet.

  5. I wasn't aware of this man either, so thanks for educating me and I am reading up your link about him ~

    1. Your welcome, Grace, I couldn't use a direct Wikipedia entry on, as it would name, the person, directly. It's ok, its been 16 years, since his death, and a lot has changed, since then.

  6. So glad you shared this poem with us. Inspired!

    1. Thank you, Sanaa. For most of my earlier years, various members of my family, either cursed him or cheered for him.

  7. It might be about Mr. T; no, not the black dude with the 35 gold chains;' regardless, your admiration (for any politician actually) is terrific. It does make me want to research those years in Canada; well done; got tongues wagging.

    1. There were tumultuous years, Glenn, only remember fragments from that era, given my youthful age, back them. One of my memories, is around the signing of the constitution, which a sun shower opened on him and Queen Elizabeth II, smudging the signatures, on the actual document, in 1982.

  8. Not familiar with this person -- and sadly, not too familiar with Canada's political scene even though our countries are so closely situated....I enjoyed reading your poem and the citation. I always learn at dVerse!

    1. It's understandable, Lillian, as most Americans can't locate Canada on the map. Seriously, Canada only makes the news, down South, if a major disaster or scandal occurs. The US media is, so self-centred, it ignores anything that doesn't impact the country directly. Leaving the US public poorer, as the result.

  9. Political status and
    power.. ego grabs
    when high
    status parents
    don't have time
    to feed the heart
    and soul.. someone
    has to do it for insanely
    large human populations
    for control away from anarchy
    but the political climate truly
    never changes
    greed.. status
    and power..
    Frankly i used
    to Know every fact
    and figure.. of politics..
    but as soon as i figured
    out human nature is based
    on conservative and liberal
    elements 50-50 or so
    from birth..
    i turned the
    TV and the
    off and catch
    up on the news
    no different than
    soap operas on Facebook
    in bits and bytes of SOS..:)

  10. Not sure who this is but he sounds interesting. Thanks for the history lesson.

  11. I remember him well. A name to respect and you have done him justice.


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