Thursday, 12 May 2016

An Offering Of Hope (May 12, 2016)

"Hardest part
Of any creativity
Is coming up
With something new
Every time ."
-Therisa Godwaldt

If one listens
Very carefully
You can hear it.

A distance howl
Of a wolf matriarch
Who's crying
In pain.

At the abandonment
Of her words
During this time
Of need.

As anger
And frustration

And yet
Sweet poetry
Flows through
The core of her body
Like a river does
Through a canyon.

At times
Our words
Will ebb and flow
Like the tides do
Upon the shore.

Bringing us
A different perspective
On the world
Around us.

As we try
To understand
The chaos
Of everyday life
With little success.

Forcing us
To have
The patience of Job
In decoding everything.

Please be
Ever so gentle
Upon yourself
'Til that eureka moment
Greets you
With your morning coffee
And newspaper.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: This is, my gift to Sherry Blue Sky. who requested that I post it, on my blog, as she struggles, with a prolong writer's block. Do hope, she finds her muse, once more, thus able, to share her unique spiritual writings.


  1. Thank you, Therisa! I so love this poem and it did uplift and inspire me....I especially love poetry flowing through her core like a river........and the matriarchal wolf howl!!!! This was a lovely surprise coming to my inbox. I am starting to wonder if what I am struggling with is writer's block, or diminished capacity, hoping for the former.

    1. Your welcome, Sherry. Had writer's block that have lasted several months, before they have lifted. Only to be replayed, by a muse, who wouldn't stopped. Just patience, and things will right themselves, Sherry.


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